Webroot Pricing and Features

You may need different types of protection software or tools. If you use one or two similar types of devices in your home then you have to buy such product which can protect only that type of devices. On the other hand, if there are various kinds of devices at your home then you chose protection software mush has the capability to protect all those devices with high efficiency.

Exclusive Products of Webroot

You have to choose stronger and more versatile product for the protection of the devices which are used in your business organizations. For all these things, most of the popular companies provide various types of protection tools as their products. Webroot is one of those companies and the products of this company have plenty of impressive features.

SecureAnywhere Antivirus: If you look at the products of the other popular companies which provide the protection tool, then you will see that most of those companies provide separate antivirus tools for the Windows computers and the Macs. So if you have to buy antivirus for your Mac and PC from those companies then you have to buy two different products. But Webroot shows more friendliness in this case because the SecureAnywhere Antivirus of this company can be used for the protection of the PCs and the Macs. So this product will save you money undoubtedly.


Internet Security Plus

The protection engine of this Webroot product is same as that of the SecureAnywhere Antivirus. The viruses and malware will be deleted by this software very efficiently. If you have this then no one will be able to hack your device to get your data or files. The digital identities will also be secured by this product very strongly from the malicious websites. Web protection engine of this Internet Security is very impressive. Sometimes we forget our usernames or passwords for the respective usernames.

SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus has the capability to memorize the usernames and passwords very safely with the built in password manager tool. Its interface is very much easy and friendly. That is why you will be able to manage the operations of this Webroot tool very easily.  If your device has some issues which can be harmful then this protection software will detect those issues very effectively. It is very much suitable for the Android devices. The security plus can detect and stop the harmful apps from the Android devices. It will also help you to access and remotely lock your lost devices very easily. So even after getting your phone, nobody will be able to get your data and information.

Internet Security Complete

Password Manager Program is also added to this product and that is why it will store all the usernames with their respective passwords. So if you have this software then there will be no need to remember the passwords and usernames manually. We all know that the social media are the ways for expressive ourselves. All the people, who have social media accounts, use personal information in those accounts. SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete can protect the social media accounts very safely.

For the maximum protection of the personal files and data you can create the backups for those. Then you can store those backups to the safe storage. This internet security tool has the capability to create the backups very easily and save those for safe storage which is 25 GB in size. When you will need to restore the backup files, you will be able to do that with the help of this software. All the other features of this product are same as those of the Internet Security Plus product of Webroot.

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Business Endpoint Security

You will be able to customize the operations of this software remotely. Even you can also run this Webroot tool to all the devices on your network from one computer. It will save your valuable time at a very high rate because it can take the decision for scanning and actions automatically. No need to download and install the updates of this software manually. Because this software will always be up to date automatically. This software will protect the identities of the users of your network perfectly from the hackers and cyber criminals. Even it will protect those when the users will be offline.  It will never let unwanted users to get into your network.

Business User Protection

This security solution is one of the strongest products of the Webroot among the products for business. If you buy this product then you will be able to enjoy all the features of the SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Security and the Business Mobile Protection. With one user account, you will be able to use the product with all the features for maximum 4 different devices. This product supports both the iOS and Android platforms. When you will use this to the mobile devices, then it will make those devices secured from all the viruses and mobile threats.

Most importantly, if your device has this Webroot software then your device and the confidential files will be protected from all the web threats. The activities of this device will be very helpful for the maximum performance of the mobile devices and for the highest battery performance. Sometimes it becomes so essential to avoid some voice calls and text messages. The Mobile Protection tool for the Secure Anywhere Business User Protection will keep the disturbing phone calls and messages away from you. This product is available in different types of friendly packages.

Trial Versions of the Webroot Products

Webroot always think about the benefits of the customers. That is why this company lets the users to download and use the trial versions of the products of this company. So if you want to try any product before buying that then you will be able to download and use the trial version. This company offers some free applications for the mobile phones also. Other PC product like the Antivirus and Internet Security are available in trial versions.