The CRM Solution Review: Targeted Customer Relation Process

Though this product is a CRM software, it has the capability to create amazing newsletters very quickly. This product does not require any skillful users for creating the newsletters. If you have to experience for creating such emails, you will be able to learn that very easily.

This CRM software will also help you for this purpose. It will let you know who have opened your emails and clicked on the links you have shared. The entire history of the sent emails can be perfectly tracked by this tool.

The CRM Solution

Ace of Sales – The CRM Solution and Review

No matter what type of business you own, you have to stay in touch with the customers. It is very important to improve the relation with them so that they love to deal with you. There are different ways to manage the customer relationship. You can use customer relationship management solutions for doing this task. One of the best choice for you can be the Ace of Sales. Its affordable plans are also appreciable. We have highlighted all these in this post.

Create Amazing Newsletter

After creating those, you can send to the entire list of recipients or only to the specific recipients. You can do this task by using your Windows PC, Mac or even smartphone. Various designs have been added to the Ace of Sales and you can customize those also. So you can send newsletters for saying hello, wishing good luck, greetings etc.  Sending the emails is not all because you have to track the emails perfectly.

The CRM Solution Review

Attract Clients Finely

One premium quality greeting card can change the mind of any targeted customer. For increasing the sales and convincing the clients you can order premium greeting or postcards. Ace of Sales will provide your desired item in one or two working days. The automated messaging system is another great thing about this solution. For the latest news or creations, the messages can be sent directly to the users. Capturing leads is very important if you want to get in touch with more people. From various sources, it can collect the info about the new visitors. So you will get new contacts in real quick time.

Very Easy to Use

One of the best features of the Ace of Sales that this contact management solution is the simplest one. You can add so many contacts and sort those very easily. You can create various notes about your campaign. Its import tools are also very powerful. All 3 packages of Ace of Sales are very attractive. The Basic plan is for handling 1000 contacts. Whereas the Advanced and Pro plans are for 2500 and 5000 contacts respectively. The monthly prices of these plans are respectively $20, $40 and $60 at par 3 March 2015.