Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Review: Wonderful Video Editing Software

Video editing has been upgraded to a new dimension with various advanced features. Video editing utilities in present days offer more effective tools to create more lively and great looking videos.

Pinnacle Studio delivers up to 10x faster video rendering without compromising with the quality. Faster and quality performance of Pinnacle eases the hard work of it’s users and helps them to create more creative and great looking videos and multimedia.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

A Review of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Using latest advanced processors and GPU, video editing tools provide powerful and solid performance for professional video editing. Pinnacle is one of the oldest and renowned names in the video editing sector. It is perhaps the most popular video editing tool ever. It was launched and developed by Pinnacle Systems. Later Avid Studio brought it, but now it is owned by Corel. Although Pinnacle Studio had been owned by different companies, but because of its brand value each owner marketed it separately from their own products.

Three Separate Editions

Pinnacle Studio is available in three separate editions. Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle Studio Plus and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Ultimate version is comprised with all available features of Pinnacle. The Plus edition has limited features comparing the Ultimate edition while the general edition has lesser features than the Plus edition. The pricing of Pinnacle studio’s different edition is also determined by availability of features.

pinnacle studio

Features of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

The Ultimate edition of Pinnacle Studio delivers top class performance for handling HD quality videos. It can handle most of the video formats like MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MKV, WMV etc. With it Videos can be imported directly from attaching Camcorders whether it is digital or analogue. Dazzle or Pinnacle video hardware is required for capturing from analogue sources. Another great thing about Pinnacle is it can import videos from cloud drives. Where the general edition offers 1500 and the Plus edition have 1800 effects, the ultimate edition delivers 2000 effects including some Pro-quality effects. It has the feature of Blu-ray disk authoring which ensures the highest quality of video. This is also includes some very handy effects like Key-frame timing, Green screen chroma keying and Red giant effects.

Pinnacle Studio supports

The latest version of Pinnacle Studio supports 4K Ultra HD videos. It uses iZotope Speech cleaning utility which makes the music and speech on video more realistic. It can accurately maintain frames of HD and even advanced stereoscopic 3D videos. The use of Red Giant Filmmakers toolkit and Motion Graphics can assist greatly in creating breathtaking videos and multimedia. Favorite clips and music can be organized, tagged and rated in Pinnacle Studio which helps to find the right contents and save precious time. This is also enables the user to easily share HD and 3D videos in Facebook, YouTube and other sites.