MyHosting VPS Review, Get Cool Windows Based Software

The Customer VPS of this company is of two main categories. One is the Windows based and the other one is the Linux based service.

If you want to get a business class VPS then you can get that from the MyHosting Company. There are so many reasons why you can choose this product from this provider.

MyHosting VPS review

MyHosting VPS Review and Features

Large number of people do not like the shared environment for the hosting of their websites. If you are one of them, virtual private servers can be a very good choice for you. This type of product can offer stronger privacy and more flexibility to the users. MyHosting is one of those companies which act as providers of this type of servers. The important thing about this company is it offers different plans of VPS for different types of websites. Those attractive plans have been highlighted in this post.

Attractive Custom Packages

If you choose the Windows VPS then the price will start from $34.95/month. This pack includes 1GB RAM, 300GB Bandwidth and 25GB Disk space. Web matrix support is one of the best features of this product. The customer support of MyHosting is always of fair quality. The Custom Linux VPS is more powerful and affordable. This one is available for $15.95 monthly price. With this one, you can use the cPanel by paying $10. Virtuozzo panel has made this product more flexible and easy to use. Money back guarantee for one month is available to both this type of VPS.

My Hosting

Developer VPS Solutions

Top quality business plans are offered by the MyHosting Company. We have mentioned the features and specifications of the Windows Developer Business Plan in this review. According to 9 May 2015, monthly price of this product is only $35.95. 40GB disk space and 600GB bandwidth are the main reason why this pack can be considered very powerful. The virtual processor used for this server is of 2 cores.  Actually this product is based on the Windows Server 2008. You can get the same pack for the 2012 version of Windows Server which is also an amazing product of MyHosting. In that case, you have to pay $44.95 for each month.

Affordable Business Servers

One of those is the pre-configured control panel. You don’t have to rely on specific software all the time. As par necessity, you can change the software and install the one your choice. Linux based Business pack can be purchased by $18.95/month. This one offers 1GB RAM, 600GB bandwidth and 40GB storage. Virtuozzo power panel is a good feature of this product. 10 domain license has been added to this product. You may need to use more resources like storage, RAM or bandwidth. Amazing Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of this VPS service of MyHosting Company. That means you can easily add additional resources anytime.