Microsoft Windows 8 Review : Amazing Featured Operating System

Various types of operating system are provided by some of the software companies of the word, but there is no doubt that the Windows is the best and most used operating system among all the available operating systems.

Each of the versions of Windows is improved than the previously released versions. Windows 8 is one of the latest versions of Windows and it has become so popular with the computer users very quickly.

Microsoft Windows 8 Review

If you have to choose an operating system which can use to the computers, tablets and smartphones then Windows 8 is the best. This is the updated and advanced version of the Windows and it is also more advanced than the Windows 7. This operating system is considered as one of the best products of the famous Microsoft Corporation. Various types of innovative features are the main reasons for the huge acceptance of this version of Windows.

microsoft windows 8

Why use the Software

This version is friendlier than that others and that is why you will be able to install this to your computer very easily. It needs only some minutes to install. The Start Menu of this operating system has made this very unique one. This facility will help you to get the update news of the world and the messaging and emailing. You can add any shortcuts to the start menu and remove anything from that also. Windows Media Player is more advanced to this version. That is why you can play any media file by using this efficient media player. Latest applications can be installed with this version of Windows. If it is necessary you can use the Windows 7 desktop also.

This operating system minimizes the use of some applications. You can use the built in application to extract and zip or RAR file. The Reader application will help you to open and read any kind of document files. The Search option will help you find out any type of programs which can install to your computer. You can also find out any file by using the search bar.

Important Features

Windows 8 is very useful for creating the backup of any type of files and restoring those easily. It is also very friendly for providing strong protection to your computer because the default security program named MSE (Microsoft Security Essential) is very strong and effective. If you face any problem while using Windows 8 then you can take help from the Windows Action Centre.

microsoft windows 8 review

There are many features which are similar to the other versions of this operating system and also some innovative features in this. For example the Start Menu is a unique feature which has made this version of Windows so different. There are so many options include in the Start Menu with tiles view. You can find there the Messaging, Mailing, News, Weather and some other options in the Start Menu. If you have an internet connection, then you can use these options to stay tuned to the World. You can customize the menu also.

Top Advantages of this Product

Windows 8 will provide enhanced visual resolution to your computer. That is why you will be able to watch any type of videos and play any kind of games with perfect size, quality and resolution. This operating system is very friendly with any type of safe internet connection. When you will use the internet, it will protect your computer from the viruses and any kind of threats by its default security solution named Microsoft Security Essential.

No matter what type of processor you have on your computer, 32 or 64 bits, Windows 8 will perfectly work with that. After installing this to your computer, there will be very little time needed to power off and on that computer. Traditional Desktop i.e. the Windows 7 desktop will also be available for Windows 8. If you want to run the applications which are created for the Windows 7 then you can use the Windows 7 desktop very easily and again back to the desktop of Windows 8 when necessary.