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Multimedia section is one of the essential parts of our everyday life. It is rapidly used almost in every part. Not only in the personal section, but also in the business section or professional section, the multimedia part is very essential.

While you are trying to capture the video file, you need to select the area format. Then, you have to select the area with the mouse movement process.

Jing Review

Jing and the Review

Under the multimedia section, the video sector is a concerning one part. Sometimes, we need to capture the video footage from the screen or computer system. In that situation, we need to depend on some software programs. The main task of this program is to capture the video file from the computer screen. To enable this system, it offers a lot of flexible tools by which you can detect the images and the videos from the screen and complete the capturing process.

Main Functions of Jing

After completing the capturing process, you can edit the file with the available tools. The tools can also be customized if is required. Then, you can also add the still images to make the professional level videos. Besides, the animation related files can also be added to the existing video footage. After that, the customized video files can be shared on the web section.


The features of Jing

Under the capturing section, you will find two categories. The first one is the still image capturing the mood and the other is the video file capturing mood. To enable the image capturing process, you can select the window format or the region. Then, you need to ensure the size of the capturing window. After that, the selected option will enable you to capture the picture. Here, you get the option to add the text option or various captions. With various color formats, you can edit the picture. When you will select the available area, the moving video file will be recorded. But here you will get a single limitation. You can capture up-to 5 minutes at a time for the instant case.

Editing system

For the editing section, you will observe a huge amount of built-in tools. The task of these tools is to add the music file with the raw video file. Besides, the text format can be inserted here in a systematic way. All these processes can be managed with the user friendly way. After completing the sharing process, the file uploading process can be done through the sharing option. You can share the captured and the edited video files through your email id, social networking site and other related sites.