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YTube Spy Discount

Like a website ranking campaign, you can run a video ranking project too. This one will ensure a better YouTube search position for your videos. There are different apps for this task. YTube Spy is a top quality solution for it.

YTube Spy Features and Review

We know that there are various forms of online marketing. Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to run any marketing campaign. People love to watch videos on YouTube. If they can search for something on YouTube and get your video on the first page, they will obviously watch that. But, you have to ensure the first position for that video. YTube Spy is capable of doing this task with ease. This software is not just a video promotion or ranking tool. Rather, it is capable of dealing with the channels also. Hence, please get the powerful youtube video ranking software with discount and avail the YTube Spy coupon. Let’s have a look at its major features and facilities:

Import Entire Channel

It will let you import any video and channel with ease. As a spy tool, this solution can import everything of a YouTube channel. A channel may consist of so many videos. Each of these videos will have different numbers of views. By summing up all these numbers, we can find out the view of a channel. YTube Spy is capable of doing this time consuming task very quickly. Among the total number of views, this solution can find out the unique views. Similarly, this app is capable of tracking various data regarding any targeted video. For example, a video may be watched by so many viewers. But, each of them may not watch that video for the same number of minutes. YTube Spy will find out the total minutes for which it is watched. And, it will also find out the average time of watching that content. Some other statistical data will also be collected by this app.

YTube Spy

YTube Spy Discount and Excellent Pricing Facility

YTube Spy is a cost saving tool. Though it has so many features and facilities, you have to pay a very little amount for it. As per this post creating time, it is available for only 47 USD without the discount. There is no limitation on its usage. For this reason, you can use this for promoting and spying on unlimited videos and channels. YTube Spy is available with a top quality video downloader. You just have to the URL of a video. Then it will automatically download that content in an appropriate format. Similarly, it is capable of converting any video with ease.

Get Suitable Keywords

After purchasing this software, there is no need to depend on a keyword research tool. YTube Spy will automatically spy on any popular video to grab its keywords. You will be able to use these keywords to promote your videos very quickly. The number of subscribers and unsubscribers of a channel can be tracked by this tool too.

In such way, please buy nicely with the YTube Spy discount. Gain powerful youtube video ranking software with the coupon.