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WPGroupbuy Review


WPGroupbuy and the Review on this

For the WordPress platform, many platforms are available for maintaining various tasks. Among of them, WPGroupbuy is a needed one platform by which the task of managing the online based daily deals can be managed. This offers the WordPress based theme and the plugin to arrange the ecommerce solution. To manage the daily dealing process in a quick process, WPGroupbuy offers the flexible themes and the functions. It offers the creating and the management process of the merchants. To get the new customers and the selling process can be accelerated by this solution. For adding the deal voucher, WPGroupbuy offers many types of functions with the flexible merchant account adding process. It affords the users to create the business account and the sales tracking system. After the advanced level reporting system can also be observed through this. Hence, get the most popular Groupon clone theme with review and get the WPGroupbuy.

The features included with this platform

Responsive design: This platform offers the flexibility and the unique design ranging from 1140px to 320px. Due to this format, your site can be viewed almost from all types of devices like smart phone device, tablet PC, laptop and so on. In any device, the swipe menu system available. After that, it affords the QR code voucher system.

Deal feature: In the category of deal feature, WPGroupbuy offers a lot of functions like adding and the managing process of the available deal. Then, the location and the categories can be maintained here. The item based attributes can be managed under this. Moreover, the users will get the term of the gift purchase system, guest purchase, shipping rates, countdown timers, reward points, email templates and so on.


Merchant Account: In WPGroupbuy, a merchant account is a needed one term and under this the daily dealing process can be organized. In this section, the term of managing the payment system, detailed selling process, and data export system and other condition can also be managed.

Management tools: With the advanced level management tools, the users will get the term of managing the deals, selling condition, payment system, voucher section, account section and other conditions. From this category, you will be able to organize the selling condition, product arrangement, reward points and other terms. Besides, in the payment section, a lot of supportive facilities are offered for the flexibility to the users.

The packages offered by WPGroupbuy

WPGroupbuy offers various packages like Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Bronze package includes 1 domain and its price is only $79. For organizing Silver package, you need to pay only $149. In the Gold package, the users will get the facility for using 5 domains and its price is only $199. In the Platinum package, unlimited domain condition is available and its price is only $299.

Therefore, purchase nicely with the WPGroupbuy review. Make purchase of most popular Groupon clone theme with the pricing.