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Webinar Jam coupon

Nowadays webinars have become very much popular to the online marketers. They can attract more people with this online seminar. With the increasing popularity of this, several software have also been invented. Webinar Jam is one of the most popular webinars hosting software.

A Small Review of Webinar Jam

As there are so many tools for hosting online seminars, it is very important to consider before selecting one. You have to purchase such tool which can help from the beginning to the end of any seminar. But unfortunately, only few tools are there having such facilities. Webinar Jam is in that very small list. It has come with tons of important features and very attractive pricing. For this reason, it can be strongly recommended. Get hold of all the WJ features with our coupon. Have this Webinar Jam discount today. The main features of this solution are as follows:

Impressive Page Builder

For live streaming of your video, different types of pages are required. Many webinar solutions do not have page building programs. But Webinar Jam has very powerful built in page builder. This tool can generate thank you pages, registration pages, and other types of pages. More importantly, this solution also provides some useful templates. After getting ready for the web seminars, you have to be on the air as soon as possible. This software requires only one and half minutes to go on air. Smart preferences facility has also been included in this product. For this impressive feature, Webinar Jam can generate similar events more quickly.

Webinar Jam coupon

Reasonable Pricing Option and Coupon of WJ

Pricing of Webinar Jam has made this software more attractive. The annual cost of this solution is only $397 as per 3 May 2017. That means, monthly expense to you will be only $33.08. The actual price of this solution was 497 USD excluding the coupon. That means, if you purchase this right now, 100 USD can be saved. If you can generate attractive webinars, audiences can pay for attending those. Hence, this software can bring money to you. Webinar Jam is now available with some smart features. For example, not it can work with the power of Facebook Live. That means, you can draw more social media attraction with your seminars. Its interface is more impressive than ever. Anyone will be able to handle this solution without any problem.

More New Features

Many people are offering online seminars for the audiences. That is why you have to add more facilities to attract them more. File sharing facility is offered by this tool. This feature helps to share different brochures, handout, and other necessary files instantly to the audiences. Sometimes, secured webinars may be needed to be offered. This type of seminars can only be accessed by those audiences who knows the master password. Webinar Jam can create this kind of password protected seminars. It is not necessary to present all slides from local storage. This solution supports importing those slides from any cloud storage.

So, please use the discount to purchase the amazing WJ. Hopefully, the Webinar Jam coupon will satisfy you.