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Viral Store Coupon


Review of Viral Store

Setting up online stores through Viral Store takes only a few seconds, and selling operations are started within minutes. The co-founders of Viral Store, Marian Rusu and Cristian Toader are bringing users a system with their experience of 15-years. Results are obtained in the first hour of operation, and testimonial results display $3309.63 in twenty-nine days. This software prides itself in their zero complication policy which allows better usability for newcomers, and amazing simplicity for professionals. Some of the important problems this software tackles are simplifying complicated store builder, and redirecting converting active traffic towards users. With only easy-clicks and users preferred customization, a dream online store can be built in small time frame. From here, purchase the high quality amazon affiliate store builder with coupon and avail the Viral Store discount.

Store Building Procedures

Inside Viral Store, the first step out of four steps is selecting what the store type for users’ businesses. While selecting the store type, users get an overview of the store category, and also the total active products available. Some of the store type options include: Athletic Clothing, Books, Computer, Car Electronics, and many more. The second stage requires users to choose their store style to make it look appealing according to their store type. After store styles, general settings have to be setup which includes, setting domain name, store logo, store title etc. And finally, the last and fourth step involved in building store with Viral Store is connecting to Affiliate Program Amazon.


Dashboard and Contents

Viral Store’s dashboard contains all the documentation and store statistics onto the software’s side panel section. Options to set sliders and modify custom offers are also possible through the dashboard’s interface. No payments are imposed for hosting or for acquiring sub-domain, hence, providing these services for free. Users will receive seven exclusive store types, and also three premium templates, and the commissions being provided are minimum 10%. Every updates and maintenance patches are permanent and will be accessible forever in the users’ system. Powerful artificial intelligence does all updates automatically for the users and handles the stores and products. The application is built for operating online using cloud services, thus, software installations or any executable files aren’t needed.

Viral Store Coupon and Price Plans

Viral Store’s 1-Affiliate Amazon plan is $17, and their other plan, 3-Affiliate Amazon is $27. To build a limitless online store, the Unlimited Affiliate plan is available for $29.95 except the coupon. The 1-Affiliate Amazon plan allows ten thousand traffic views, and the 3-Affiliate Amazon plan allows thirty-five thousand views each month. Unlimited Affiliate plan doesn’t have any viewer limits, therefore, any large number of traffic can flood users’ website. All of the plans deliver trainings, automates all the legal pages, and provides Amazon Association integrated system.

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