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Vidyz Discount

Video marketing is a popular one for getting a huge amount of traffic in any site. In the online market, professional marketers are using this policy to achieve a huge amount of leads as well as the profit. It is said that, more than 81% brands using videos on their corresponding sites to spread the brand value and the products. In this case, some limitation has arrived. Google has stopped video auto-play facility. To overcome this condition, users need to rely on Vidyz. Vidyz is a powerful one video hosting system. This runs its activities on cloud section. With this solution, you will be able to upload the needed videos and insert them into your website.

Overview of Vidyz

Many professional marketers across the whole world are getting dependent on Vidyz. This SaaS based solution is really effective for any type of marketer. You can use this both as video hosting and the video marketing tool. With this powerful product, there is the way to integrate call-to-action, offers and the coupon within the video contents. After that, it also integrates auto-redirect system from the video file. Due to having this, viewers can be redirected to any specific link. This will simply generate a huge amount of leads in a short time. Most of all, this will engage a massive amount of targeted subscriber list quite easily. So, please get the responsive cloud bases video hosting software with discount and avail the Vidyz coupon.


Detailed Features List Within This

Vidyz ensures all the needed features in a systematic format. So, marketers won’t face any hesitation to implement the entire criteria. Here, the first term is video auto-play functionality. Within this condition, you will get the facility to play any video file in an automatic way almost in any browser. This is simply improve the views, clicks and the sales. In order to integrate coupons, call-to-action buttons, clickable links within the video files, it affords some systematic formulas. This format is really essential to increase the conversion rate. Mobile responsive feature is an additional facility of this tool. This ensures that, the available videos will be synchronized almost in all types of devices. All of these features can simply be controlled and monitored from cloud section. Besides, the presence of cloud based SEO functionality has increased an additional step within this product. All these facilities are totally secured and this security term is managed with built-in condition.

Vidyz Discount and Condition of Pricing plan

Vidyz offers three different plans. These are: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. Pro plan offers some additional facilities while comparing with the Basic plan. If you wish to purchase the Pro plan, then you need to pay only $67 except the discount. For enterprise levels, Vidyz Enterprise is the best solution. You can get this through monthly or yearly basis. For monthly basis, you need to pay $47/month whereas yearly package asks $297 for a single year.

In such way, please receive nicely with the Vidyz discount and gain responsive cloud bases video hosting software with the coupon.