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Review on UltraSentry

It will be no exaggeration to name UltraSentry the ultimate Fort Knox program to secure private and sensitive digital information. In a world with numerous cybercrimes leading to identity thefts and system breach, UltraSentry provides complete security to these problems. This makes UltraSentry the most professional and comprehensive data security tool in the market. The program is compatible with Windows 95, all the way till Windows 10. It’s a bug free system makes UltraSentry a very smooth running system. Moreover, UltraSentry is designed to have a very user friendly interface, thus allowing even amateurs to enjoy the benefits of this program. In such way, buy the  powerful text editing computer software with review and avail the UltraSentry.

The software has a simple layout where the main point of interest of the program is divided into 4 main parts. The bottom part of the program shows UltraSentry’s interactive locker and shredder, which are the main features of this program. The left screen shows the “file explorer” option for the user to search and retrieve folders from which files are to be stored or shredded. The right screen shows the “file view” where the user can view the files in the folder. Finally, the top part shows the UltraSentry’s easy click menu toolbar. UltraSentry’s main features are its “Digital Locker” and “File Shredder” which are explained in detail below:


Digital Locker

This feature from UltraSentry allows users to securely store sensitive file. The locker is password protected thus assuring only the user the right to access. The feature is very easy to use. By simply dragging either the file or folder from the file view or the file explorer, the user will be able to store the file in the locker. Upon installation, simply by right clicking a file shows the option “Move to UltraSentry Digital Locker”. Thus by just a click, users can move their chosen file to the secure “Digital Locker”.

File Shredder

UltraSentry’s “File Shredder” feature works similarly to its “Digital Locker” feature. Users can simply drag and place the files to shred into the shredder display box, or a simple right click and send will do. Files can also be sent to the shredder directly from the UltraSentry’s locker. UltraSentry’s shredder option is very secure and once shredded, the files cannot be retrieved in any way possible. The US Department of Defense uses the same data wiping technology as UltraSentry, so users can be rest assured.


Buying the lone package of UltraSentry allows customers to enjoy license of up to three unique installs, a year of free upgrades and tech support for unlimited lifetime. All of these features are available for Windows, Mac and Linux users and can be enjoyed for only $49.95. However, for only $99.95 customers can enjoy all of the features mentioned above with an additional two more unique installs (total of 5 unique installs) and every application published by IDM.

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