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UltraCompare Review

Review on UltraCompare

UltraCompare is an exemplary application that can be used to compare and merge folders, files, texts and even archives. The software is highly interactive and allows users to view the differences in the content of the files chosen for comparison. UltraCompare is easy to use software and makes the comparison process easy by highlighting the differences for users to notice. The software’s unique features primarily attract customers who are network administrators or programmers. From here, purchase the powerful computer software with review and avail the UltraCompare. Some of the features that make UltraCompare unique are:

Merge options

UltraCompare’s advanced merge option is a very useful feature for programmers. The feature detects differences between two files and allows users to merge the difference from either one of the files to the other with just a simple click of a button. The process is first initiated by loading the two files to be compared. Once loaded, UltraCompare highlights the differences between the two files. If the files to be compared are source codes, the differences will be compared in the form of blocks. The user can choose which file needs changes and chooses the option to make the merge either between the first to second file or vice versa.


Moreover, rather than complete blocks, UltraCompare gives users the choice to choose single lines from the source code to merge thus making the software a highly interactive and easy to use. This feature is not limited to only two files. Using the “3 way text compares” UltraCompare allows users to compare and merge information between 3 files at the same time.

Archives compare

UltraCompare’s special feature of Archive compares allows users to compare the content of different archive files. UltraCompare is compatible with several formats of archive files some of which include .jar, .rar, .zip and other types. This feature allows users to compare the differences in the folders of different archive files and also the content of each folder. Just by selecting the folder compare mode, users will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of this feature. Furthermore, the “merge feature” can also be integrated into an Archives comparing mode, thus allowing users to merge differences in folders or files between archives.


Buying the lone package of UltraCompare allows customers to enjoy license of up to three unique installs, a year of free upgrades and tech support for unlimited lifetime. All of these features are available for Windows, Mac and Linux users and can be enjoyed for only $49.95. However an even better offer allows customers to enjoy all of the features mentioned above with an additional two more unique installs (total of 5 unique installs) and every application published by IDM (includes UltraCompare, UltraEdit, UltraFinder, UltraSentry and UltraStudio). All of this amounts up to $459.95, however the special discount offer of 79% reduces the price of the whole package to $99.95.

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