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Ultra Web Hosting Review


Ultra Web Hosting and Review

In the web hosting industry, a lot of platforms are available to conduct the task of hosting. All of them are not reliable and supportive for the users. Among the entire web hosting plans, Ultra Web Hosting is a helpful one. It is assuring the web hosting plans since 2002. Since that time, it is trying to provide all type of hosting plans almost in every section with great effort. The latest technologies are provided from this platform with the best performance. The run time performance and the network stability are very effective under this platform. From here, purchase the powerful web hosting service provider with review and get the Ultra Web Hosting.

Available packages and their features

Ultra Web Hosting issues a lot of packages with the variety of the facilities. These packages and their features are:

Website Hosting: In this category, Ultra Web Hosting offers three plans. These plans are Ultra 1x, Ultra Unlimited and Ultra Unlimited Pro. These three packages include some common features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth facility etc. The first package is allowed for a single website and the last two packages are valid for unlimited websites. Free migration system, remote backup procedure, email activation system, cloudflare, control panel handling is also available here.

Ultra Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting: In the WordPress section, Ultra Web Hosting offers a single plan and this is an Ultra Unlimited Pro. It issues almost the same packages and the features like the general website hosting. The network stability is very active under this platform. Besides, admin panel handling process, various widget controlling and other related terms can be managed easily through this.

Reseller Hosting: In the Reseller hosting plan, Ultra Web Hosting offers only Ultra Reseller. Under this, you will observe the fast server controlling process, flexible cPanel controlling method, website data handling process and other related issues. In disk space section, it offers 50GB. In the bandwidth case, 400GB is afforded here. Besides, unlimited websites can be controlled through this.

VPS hosting: To maintain the VPS hosting section, the users can use the Ultra VPS which offers 25GBs disk space and 800GBs bandwidth using the facility. Besides, you will also get the term of web hosting manager, cpanel controlling system and other terms.

Pricing issue under the packages of Ultra Web Hosting

In the WordPress hosting, Ultra 1x, Ultra Unlimited and Ultra Unlimited Pro are available with the price of $3.95/month, $6.95 and $12.95 sequentially. There exists various pricing condition with the contract basis like 3 year basis, 2 year basis and single year basis. For the WordPress hosting, Ultra Unlimited Pro, you will need to offer $12.95/month in three year contract basis. For a single year contract case, you need to pay $14.95 in each month.

Therefore, please purchase nicely with the Ultra Web Hosting pricing. Make purchase of powerful web hosting service provider with the pricing.