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TeeSpy discount

A Small Review of the TeeSpy

Many people are running T-shirt businesses. That is why, it has become very tough to grab more attention from customers with new designs. For getting more profit, it is essential to grab the current trend. Some designs can make more conversion and some cannot. That means, you have to make effective market research before creating a design. On the other hand, manual process of creating such design is also very difficult. I can suggest one tool which will do all these complex tasks for you. The name of that tool is TeeSpy. So, please purchase the facebook-based social network swiss army knife of Tshirt marketing tool with discount and avail TeeSpy coupon. Major features of this unique product are as follows:

Very Rich Database

We know that various campaigns can be run from various platforms. Some of those platforms are Teechip, TeeSpring, and Viralstyle etc. Many of those campaigns are going successfully. It is not possible to find out successful campaigns manually. But with the help of TeeSpy you can do this task very easily. By tracking those successful campaigns, you can easily create own ones. Before starting any apparel business, knowing about competition is very important. Strong competitors make promotional ads to social media. From those ads, idea about current trend can be found. TeeSpy has very powerful Facebook ad spy tool for tracking viral ads on this popular social media. Similarly, this tool can also find out popular posts on Skreened, Zazzle, and Pinterest etc.

Get Useful Data

For every T-shirt campaign, some robust data will be required. For example, you may need to know the number of times your campaign has been shared on social media. Sales quantity is another important information to know. TeeSpy can track all those data very quickly and efficiently. That is why depending on other data tracking solution will not be necessary. Perfection of marketing is another great advantage of this product. It can find out real Facebook interests. And then it will target the right audiences. Hence, your T-shirt campaigns will get success for sure. This solution can provide desired T-shirts suggestion nicely. For doing that, TeeSpy requires only a few seconds.

TeeSpy discount

Plans of Pricing and Discount

One free and three paid plans of TeeSpy are available right now. Starter is the lightest paid plan which is available for only 27 USD per month without discount. Only current social data will be used by this one for suggesting campaigns. Pro Plan of this product has come with more features. It can deal with current, daily, and monthly social data. At the same times, it can provide maximum 250 notifications per day. As per 18 April 2017, monthly cost of this plan is only 47 USD. For dealing with large T-shirt campaigns, you have to purchase Business Plan of TeeSpy by paying only 97 USD/month. This product can provide unlimited notification in each day. And it has the ability to deal with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly social and sales data.

Therefore please purchase with TeeSpy discount. Buy the fb based social network swiss army knife of Tshirt marketing software with coupon in 2020.