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SyncLeads Review and Features

Facebook was and still is the most popular social network of the world. About 5 years ago, this platform was used only for chatting and sharing thoughts. But nowadays, this network is used for lead capturing. Marketers of various companies are focusing on this social media to capture those leads. For this task, they use several types of enterprise quality software. If you are looking for such software, then I can suggest SyncLeads. Collecting and synchronizing leads can be done by this product very easily. Get these job done much more easily now by purchasing SL with the discount on the coupon. Take advantage of this SyncLeads discount in 2017. It offers all important features. Some of those are as follows:

Multiple Target Support

In case of many similar tools, subscribers have to type something to be included in the list. Sometimes, they may need to accept some applications. But in case of SyncLeads, there is no such issue. If any subscriber makes a double tap, this tool will grab that and provide to multiple target. This multiple target support is a huge advantage of this software. For this one, it can collect information and direct those to various autoresponder, membership software, and webinars etc. For adding such information, it can target any web app. That is why, SyncLeads is time saving and efficient. Sometimes some quick money may be needed. In those cases, this software will allow you to add coupon system to provide special offers. Then quick conversion will be possible very easily.

SyncLeads coupon

Amazing Pricing and Coupon on SL

As per 17 February 2017, there are two different licenses for SyncLeads. One of those is for a single FB account. The lifetime price of that tool is only 37 USD excluding the coupon. But Agency Plan of this software is strongly recommended for two reasons. One reason is, this product is for unlimited FB accounts. And the second important thing is, cost of this license is only 47 USD. It is also a lifetime license of SyncLeads. The important thing about both these products is, these can be integrated with OptInUp. This is a new viral business building solution. You can make your business more successful by using both these solutions at a time.

Future Tech Included

It is fact that there are so many similar apps which can collect leads. But those are created with conventional current technologies. On the other hand, SyncLeads has come with very advanced technology which has pushed this to the next level. It supports both free leads ads and paid ones. This is not a first generation app which has many limitations. 1st generation apps can collect leads from Facebook in CSV files. But the problem is, most of the autoresponders do not support manual import of subscribers. 2nd generation apps have solved a few issues of previous generation apps. But those are not that much effective as SyncLeads is. It is the 3rd generation lead generation app which is supported by Facebook. That is why it can support exporting collected information into various web apps.

In conclusion, please this software designed for transferring leads instantly with our discount. For any more inquiries on the SyncLeads coupon, please contact us.