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Social media have become the parts of our daily lives. There are different types of social networks. These networks can be used to promote a product very easily. For doing this task more easily, you can use SociViral.

Review and Features of SociViral

Every online campaign depends on the number of traffic, conversion, and sales. To get these traffic, you can depend on various types of sources. Nowadays, all kinds of people are using different social media, including Facebook and Twitter. If you can run some promotional campaigns on these social media, these will bring more traffic. But the problem is, it is not easy to run a huge number of campaigns on these networks manually. You have to spend much time to run these campaigns manually. To solve these issues, we recommend the SociViral, It is a very powerful social automation solution. Get the social automation solution with our coupon. The SociViral discount is going to be a good deal. Some main features and facilities of this product are as follows:

Impressive Auto Poster

Automatic posting is the main features of SociViral. This built in tool will let you create a schedule of making different posts. By following this schedule, this cloud based software will automatically create the posts. Sometimes, it can be very much urgent to re-post some contents. In these cases, this software will complete re-posting according to the schedule. There are some tools, which cannot perform auto-posting on various platforms. But, SociViral is capable of doing this very efficiently. It supports almost all popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

SociViral Coupon

Easy Content Customization

Not only some text contents, but also some other contents can be handled with the help of this software. This product offers some necessary tools to customize every image and video. First of all, this software will let you find out some viral contents. And then these contents can easily be customized with own logos, texts, and videos. SociViral is a complete cloud based solution. For this reason, there will no need to install anything is a computer. As this product can drive a huge traffic, there will be huge sales. And the most important thing is, there is no limitation of traffic and sales.

Very Attractive SV Pricing and Coupon

Previously, the regular price of SociViral was 47 USD excluding the coupon. According to 16 August 2017, you can purchase this cloud software by paying only 16.93 USD. And this is the one-time price for this product. Though it is a very powerful solution, this is not difficult to handle at all. Firstly, it will ask for the desired social media accounts. After connecting with these accounts, this software will automatically do all the hard works. That means, it will create scheduled posts automatically. And then, you just have to sit down and count your profits. There is a one month money back guarantee, which has made the SociViral more attractive.

Therefore, please have the discount on the leading social media auto poster. For any inquiy on the SociViral coupon, please contact us.