SociAutomate Discount and Nice Coupon On Price in 2020

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SociAutomate Discount

From different social networks, the marketers are getting a big number of traffics and leads. You can also do this task very easily by using a reliable solution. My recommendation is to depend on SociAutomate. It is an already proven solution for drawing the social media leads automatically.

SociAutomate Review and Features

There is nothing very difficult in creating a social media post. But, things can become more difficult when you have to make bulk posts. It can become even worse when you have to deal with so many social media accounts. In these situations, it is better to use an automated solution. There are so many options for this task. Among these options, SociAutomate is available with some innovative features and a top level of efficiency. That is why, it can be recommended to any social media marketer. So, get the cloud based social media networking software with discount and have the SociAutomate coupon. Let’s have a look at its main features and facilities:

Automate Viral Posts

After purchasing SociAutomate, there is no need to create some posts manually every time. It has the capability to find out some viral posts on various platforms. That means, it can track the current trend on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This software can create some clone posts of these viral trends. After that, you can easily use these posts to grab more traffics and leads. An offline solution is not suitable for creating any viral post. That is why, SociAutomate is an online hosted solution. It can be accessed via any popular web browser very securely from any place. A scheduled posting facility has made this product even more efficient.


Comfortable Pricing and SA Discount

SociAutomate has two different editions. The Lite Special Edition of this product was available for $197 per month. But, as per 3 January 2017, this price has been reduced to only $37.95 without the discount. It comes with every core feature that is required for drawing more leads from social media. There is another license named the Pro Special License, which comes with some additional features. To buy this one, you just have to pay 47.95 USD.  This is the launch time price of SociAutomate Pro. If you purchase this product during this launch time, there will be no need of paying any monthly fee.

Pro Features Highlights

The Pro Special Edition of this product comes with every core feature that is available in the other edition too. Some additional features have made this product a better one. By using this solution, you will be allowed to follow unlimited social media accounts. For generating every post, some contents must be used. SociAutomate Pro will help you to create some content libraries. From these libraries, you can easily import some necessary contents. This license also allows to save unlimited posts on different libraries. The users of this edition will have some surprise bonuses.

Therefore, please buy nicely with the SociAutomate discount. Purchase cloud based social media networking software with the coupon.