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Socialek Discount

Review of Socialek

Socialek has three main services called: Socialek-Automatic, Monetize, and Scheduler, and many more contents like guides, blogs etc. Socialek’s blog shows the rightful ways for users to earn income by monetizing Facebook group. Group monetization blog has a video tutorial attached to the article, and it also enables monetization of Twitter account. There’re ten important advices provided on another blog which helps users to grow their social page’s influence. These advices tells users about sharing relevant content with followers, regularly asking questions, sharing images and videos etc. Users can register by providing their simple data, and by connecting their social-media accounts. Registered users can comment under all the blogs and share their opinion and ideas. Affiliate programs provide another source of income for users by allowing them to advertise and earn. From here, purchase the best social network’s applications with discount and get the Socialek coupon.

Affiliate, Scheduler, Guides

Socialek grants a huge twenty percent commission to users who promotes the software’s products. These promotions can be writing blogs, sharing products on social-media platforms, or direct advertisement through advertising networks. The registration for joining an affiliate program is free, and no form of investments is needed. Regularly visiting a social page is one of the ten advices stated in Socialek’s blog. Hence, a scheduler is provided to automatically share relevant content with users’ followers and maintain social-media presence. The scheduler is very useful for posting content at peak hours of the day to receive maximum engagement. Lastly, there’s a dedicated guide section to assist users in setting up their account system and scheduler.


Monetize, Socialek-Automatic

Socialek’s Monetize service automatically creates suitable contents so that users’ won’t have to manually create them. These contents are monetized by the system, and all revenue that streams towards user are paid monthly. Monetize service delivers a detailed report of all incomes earned, and therefore, users can follow their income progress. The scheduler excels in auto-posting contents for users, and similarly, Socialek-Automatic automates content creation and community growth. Continuously sharing posts during peak hours will attract more loyal fans, and users’ community will experience guaranteed growth. Users can further increase their conversions by applying a hidden tactic of manually inviting most engaged followers. This invitation has minimum twenty percent and maximum fifty percent chance of getting confirmed conversion.

Socialek Discount and Price Plans

Socialek registration is free and it is the same as registering for joining the affiliate program. Logged in users can view their estimated revenue, video views, monthly impressions etc. from their dashboard. Similarly, affiliate users can check their channels from the same account, and inspect their detailed reports. Settings option allows users to add extra information like PayPal account name, country, address, and zip code. Direct communication with the customer support is available where users have to provide their subject title and description.

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