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Social Auto Poster Discount

Review of Social Auto Poster

Time is very limited, and when there’s tons of contents waiting to be shared, there’s a need for automated tools. With manual tools, users will only get a moderate amount of traffic that will lead to poor and unsatisfactory leads. Hence, to automate content posting, Social Auto Poster integrates itself to all of users’ social accounts. Social Auto Poster helps to auto-post on LinkedIn and Facebook’s accounts, groups and pages along with BufferApp, and Instagram accounts. Testimonial proof inside the app’s website shows an immediate boost from zero traffic to one-thousand verified traffic on a daily basis. Further proof displays even greater traffic flow of twenty-six thousand traffic in just ten days. Please, get the most powerful wordpress plugin with discount and have the Social Auto Poster coupon.

Posting Process and High Performance

Social Auto Poster requires users to configure their social accounts for enabling the software to auto-post onto multiple platforms. All posts including articles, contents, images, videos etc, can be created for posting as all varieties of custom posts are allowed. After configuring and creating tasks are completed, the software’s auto-posting process will begin to make the user’s post visible globally. The results received after initial operation shows a huge ninety-five percent effectiveness on social-media marketing. The software’s comfort of usage, and the friendliness of the interface has ninety-one and eighty-five percent positive rating. The reports sent has an accuracy of ninety-two percent, and similarly, eighty-nine percent of the time, updates are provided timely. The overall performance of the application can now be generalized and determined as being efficient in their delivery.

Social Auto Poster

Control and Tracking

Social Auto Poster knows the importance of interacting with audiences, and hence, the software supports emoji for users’ post. With the right combination of words and emoji, there will be high engagements on every post. Some posts might get better response than others, to know the hows-and-whys of every post, logs tracking is available. Now, all the high responsive posts can be replicated to maintain consistent greater level of traffic. Contents are separable by adding different categories like comedy, health, education so that audiences can easily find their desired articles. All of users’ traffic clicks are monitored which is super important for knowing what users’ followers likes and dislikes.

Social Auto Poster Discount and Price Plans

Social Auto Poster’s One-Site License is $18, and Unlimited-Site License is $27, and these plans are applicable for all professions without the discount. Social Auto Poster has no traffic limitation nor does it have any fixed working hours. The system operates non-stop for twenty four hours a day, and on all days of the week. There is setup training for all social sites, and the convenient interface helps to easily manage everything and utilize time.

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