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SmartrMail Coupon

Review of SmartrMail

SmartrMail personalizes users’ email marketing and delivers the most likeable products to their customers. SmartrMail have acquired over forty-seven million revenue with their smart tools which recommends a product, and detects abandoned carts. These tools also create beautiful newsletters and product emails for users in less than thirty seconds. The system analyzes buyers’ behavior and then optimizes the sales to deliver better product focused recommendations. There’s an email trigger which accelerates sales by emailing shoppers who made multiple purchases in the past. The email trigger system drives sales and makes users’ business more revenue focused, and hence more profitable. Furthermore, there’re nine unique tools available, and the software is trusted by two-thousand six hundred ecommerce stores. Hence, get the best personalized & automated email marketing app with coupon and have the SmartrMail discount.

Email Popup and Email Recommendation

SmartrMail have provided a free tool for email popup to grow the users’ email list. The email popup will display itself on the screen after visitors spend a certain amount of time on the users’ website. Full range of customizations is available for popup box where the colors, logo, text etc. are modifiable. The popups will show up on all devices including tablet, desktop and mobile phones. The month and amount of subscribers are displayed on a graph which enables monitoring of email-list growth. All of buyers’ purchase history is recorded and synced, and thus, automatic product recommendation is emailed. The algorithm for product recommendation analyzes the shoppers’ behavior and predicts their next purchases before continuing further engagement. There’re also report graph to monitor recommendation sales progress along with real-time reporting system.


Smart Cart, Email Templates, Newsletters

SmartrMail’s smart cart detects items on carts and automatically notifies customers and reminds them to complete the purchase. Up to three reminder emails are sent to customers to ensure and finalize that products are purchased. The smart cart has a shopper tracking feature which ensures that all abandoned cart owners receives a checkout email. The time interval for each follow up are customizable, and differences between re-purchase and abandoned carts are displayed in the graph. There’re email templates available with options to insert images, and newsletter templates for sending email blogs. Both the email templates and newsletter have customizations for font size, button radius, and template colors etc. SmartrMail’s templates are designed using HTML code, therefore, users can insert their own code to apply desired changes.

SmartrMail Coupon and Price Plans

SmartrMail has free-trial, and three other purchasable plans, and these’re called: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise. Basic plan recommends five thousand subscribers for $29, and has Chat Support, Detailed Analytics, and Smart Popup etc. Advanced Plan is $99, and it recommends two-hundred fifty thousand subscribers and without any email sending limitations. Finally, Enterprise plan recommends more than 250000 subscribers for $1999 except the coupon, and it provides dedicated strategy support.

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