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Siteguarding Pricing

Nowadays, creating a website is essential for various purposes consisting of a variety of professions. Building a website is not enough as it requires website protection. Hackers and viruses can easily access a website and cause all sorts of harm in the absence of website security. For such protection of the website, there is antivirus software available. One such highly recommended antivirus software is SiteGuarding.

Review of Siteguarding

SiteGuarding ensures a safe and secure defense against all sorts of malware that has potential to cause damage to the website. With smart detection and deep scan it is certainly a top quality product. It is flexible since it’s available for download for Joomla, WordPress or for any other content management sites. Thus the highly secure web hosting solution with pricing and get the Siteguarding. Let’s look at some of the features and benefits that are provided:

Ultimate Security Service

SiteGuarding provides the ultimate solution for protecting users’ website. Users are getting 24/7 support and help from this website security. This ensures that any time a malware tries to attack, it will be dealt with immediately. This software is capable of exterminating any suspicious activity or any future attacks in a very short amount of time. SiteGuarding also makes it eligible for users to get consultation from experts on how to prevent virus attacks. All the files inside a user’s server are scanned and checked to make sure that the website is 100% secured. This approach makes detecting malware and viruses a very easy task. If any threats do manage to breach the security of the website, there are backup features available for the users.


Heuristic Algorithms and Smart Detection

One of the advanced security features provided by this software is their heuristic algorithms. This feature is capable of analyzing the situation and then pinpointing the unknown virus. Fast and clever detection of various types of malware helps in neutralizing threats such as PHP mailers and MySQL injections. Viruses can be coded in different form and hence can exploit sensitive data. For this purpose, this software provides code analyzer to root out any code which seems malicious. And to remove such threat all it takes is a click of a button. Having advanced technological tools to defend against viruses and harmful activities, it is certainly a popular choice for a lot of users.

Price Plans and Benefits

SiteGuarding comes with different types of packages at amazing prices. For protection against multiple website, there are 3 packages available. Their Basic package involves a monthly subscription fee of €6.95 per website. Whereas their Standard and Premium package has a monthly subscription fee of €9.95 and €19.95 per month. For protection against 1 main website, there are 3 packages available as well. Standard package can be obtained for €13.95 per month whereas Premium and Business packages are €24.95 and €75.95 per month. There are also free trials available to be used for 14 days!

From here, please get nicely with the Siteguarding pricing. Make purchase of highly secure web hosting solution with the review.