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People spend a lot to get viral traffic from Facebook. But in most of the cases, they fail to do so. There are some effective ways for doing this. Some of these techniques require huge time. Instead, you can use the SimplyViral which offers only three steps to get viral traffic from Facebook.

SimplyViral Features and Review

Nowadays, social media marketing has become very popular all over the world. Successful marketers are getting huge traffic from Facebook to their ecommerce stores and other pages. They use a very effective way to grab this traffic, but they keep this technique secret. This tool has come with this secret and effective technique. It will let you face only three steps, and then viral traffic will be automatically driven to your pages. So, please purchase SimplyViral with coupon and have SimplyViral discount. Some main features and benefits of this solution are as follows:

Three-Step Process

If you create a content and hope that will go viral, it is just a guesswork. You never know exactly which post will go viral and bring huge traffic. SimplyViral will not deal with this guesswork. It will only share those posts which are already viral. Hence, there will be no chance of failure. For dealing with this technique, you just have to go through three easy steps. First of all, a keyword should be inserted. Depending on this keyword, this solution will find out relevant viral contents from 7 different sources. At the second step, you have to pick any content from the available list. This content or post must be relevant to your targeted page. And finally, SimplyViral will publish that content of the targeted fan pages or groups to grab huge traffic.


Supports Different Posts

This solution can deal with different posts. That means, it can bring out viral text posts, images, and videos from different sources. And then you will be allowed to create a schedule to create these posts on your fan pages and groups. This solution will follow that schedule and make the posts slowly over time. SimplyViral can search all viral posts from the two biggest viral sources and these are Google and YouTube. Even it can pull the contents of other Facebook fan pages.

Affordable Pricing Plans and Coupon

Single User License of SimplyViral can create viral posts only on the Facebook fan pages. This product has amazing scheduling and customization facilities. But it supports only one fan page. As per the date of writing this post, price of this license is only $32.95 when the coupon is not actively applied. Instead of this one, you can purchase the Multi-User License of Simply Viral. This product is capable of working with 500 Facebook groups and fan pages. To purchase this one, only $35.95 should be paid. Both licenses of SimplyViral can work with 7 different sources to grab viral posts. Some of these sources are YouTube, ViralNova, Little Things, and Reddit etc.

So therefore get the software with SimplyViral coupon. Buy the cloud based app for making viral content with discount.