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Nowadays different ways of monetizing a website are available. But some systems are still new and effective. Link shortening is one of these systems. But for doing so, it is very important to use a link shortening solution. is one of the very few reliable tools for this task.

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People don’t like to see a very big links. These are very difficult to share also. On the other hand, a short link is very easy to share. You can make comments with these links and even send some messages with these. That is why, it is very easy to get more traffic in a quick time. is a solution, which is very helpful for generating the short links very easily. And it will also monetize these links, to bring some extra money to you. So, get the link shortening software & advertising networks solution with discount and avail the coupon. Some major features of this solution are as follows:

Very Easy Process

After the registration process of, you will find a link shortener. There, a very long link should be pasted. And then it will create a short link very quickly. After getting this short list, you have to share that as much as possible. There is no difficulty in doing that. This solution will provide a share option. By using that option, it is very easy to share that shortened link on various platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. also supports a simple manual sharing system. In this case, you can easily copy a short link and paste that to wherever necessary.


Some Advanced Tools comes with some advanced tools, which have made this solution more useful. It offers a full page script. This code can work with your HTML page. And then it will automatically create short links for a number of URLs found on that page. Sometimes, it can be necessary to shorten the links of only a particular domain. And sometimes, you may need to exclude some particular domains from link shortening. In both cases, this tool is very effective. For its mass shrining facility, it can deal with 20 URLs at a time. It also offers a powerful Developer API.

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Getting a huge income is very much easy with the People in more than 100 countries are getting their income from this platform. When you will share the created links on various platforms, there will be so many views on that link. When anyone clicks on that link, an advertisement will be shown, and then that visitor will be redirected to your site. By this manner you will get a commission. In various countries, these payout rates are different. In Bangladesh, this rate is $1.27 for one thousand views. In Indonesia, this payout rate is $1.17 per 1000 views. Similarly, In Russia, and San Marino, it is 1.55 and 1.04 USD per thousand views. Actually, people all over the world can use to earn more.

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