Screenly Discount: Obtain Exclusive Coupon Offer and Review

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Raspberry Pi is a mini computer which can be used for various reasons. This mini-computer can also run some television screens. Screenly can make this computer more effective by providing a digital signage facility. This solution can make the Raspberry Pi perform better while displaying any HD image or video.

Screenly Discount

Features and Review of Screenly

For making a TV screen suitable for watching HD quality videos and images, a large device is not required. You can use the Raspberry Pi, which is a credit card size device. And, this hardware is a flexible one too. It is very much useful for some display screens, advertisement screens, and in-store infomercials. Along with this device, it is better to use Screenly. This software is capable of delivering some full HD online and offline videos. Please purchase the digital signage software with discount and avail the Screenly coupon. Here are some major features and facilities of this product:

Easy Screen Management

If you have the hardware, then purchasing the Screenly will be enough. Rendering all kinds of web contents is one of the best features of this product. Anything can be shown by using this solution. For example, it can broadcast the live dashboard. To that dashboard, you can show some system status or other types of information. Similarly, it can also show an advertisement very efficiently. That means, it is capable of converting a screen into a vibrant digital sign. Screenly provides a very easy screen management solution. This solution has a web based administrator, which will let you manage all the screens from one place. Installing this product is very easy too.


Digital Signage Players

If you do not have the necessary hardware, then the Starter Kit of Screenly can be suggested. This one comes with some necessary hardware. For example, it includes a Class-10 MicroSD card, which will give you 8GB storage. A Raspberry Pi3 Model 3 device is included in this package. An efficient power supply is very much important for this device. That is why, an official RPI power supply is added to this product. And, you will also get a Shortcrust Plus case with it.

Screenly Discount and Pricing

To access the Screenly, you can get any plan among five available options. Its Free Plan is available only for 1 screen. It includes only 2 GB storage. Obviously, this license will not fulfill every need. Bronze Plan is the cheapest paid license of this solution. That can work with 2 different screens and it provides 15 GB storage. The monthly cost of this license is only $19.95. Silver Plan of this product can be enjoyed by paying only $99.95 per month as per November 23, 2017 except the discount. This supports 12 different screens. Similarly, Screenly Gold and Enterprise editions are cost effective too. You will be allowed to add any number of screens to each of these plans by paying necessary fees.

Therefore, please buy nicely with the Screenly discount. Make purchase of  digital signage software with the coupon.