PushPrime Discount: Purchase With Exclusive Coupon and Review

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PushPrime Discount

Sometimes, an emailing campaign cannot get the desired success because of an insufficient opening rate. Instead of such an email campaign, you can run some push notification campaigns. These campaigns are capable of showing more engagement and conversion. PushPrime is an amazing software to create these push notifications.

Quick Review of the PushPrime

Suppose, a marketer has sent an email to some of his customers. Then, it’s up to the customers that when they will open that email. They may take some minutes to open that. Some of them may open that within a few days. And, some may not open that in any way. That means, the marketer cannot be sure that whether his mail will get the desired conversion. That is why, my suggestion is to depend on PushPrime. This software will let you create some amazing push messages. These messages can be shown the device screen of every customer instantly. So, there will be no tension of a small opening rate. Therefore, please get the powerful WordPress website with discount and avail the PushPrime coupon.

Only Four Steps

It is a fact that you can generate various types of push notifications manually. But, several hours may be needed to create one of them. There are so many complications in this manual process. PushPrime, on the other hand, comes with a very easy process to do so. You just have to complete four easy steps. First of all, it will ask for a destination of showing a push message. Then, you have to add your website information. This software supports various content options. That is why, one of these options should be selected. And finally, PushPrime will let you copy and paste a code. This code will be useful for showing the desired push notification very quickly.


PushPrime Discount and Pricing Plans

One of the available licenses of PushPrime supports 10 thousand subscribers. It is for only one website. Its price is only $47 without the discount, as per this post creating time. This license will deal with 100 thousand push notifications in every month. Though this one is an impressive one, the PushPrime Unlimited is even more impressive. This license is available for only $57. It is suitable for working with unlimited websites and unlimited notifications. Similarly, you can reach unlimited subscribers with this product. Both these licenses have a real time analytics facility. This software is capable of showing some advanced stats quite impressively.

Very High Compatibility

This software is capable creating the highly compatible notifications. These notifications can be shown to any browsers, including, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Nowadays, a big part of traffic comes from different Android devices. For this reason, PushPrime creates the Android friendly push messages. It is can work automatically depending on a schedule. That means, your push messages will be shown to every subscriber automatically on time.

In such way, please buy nicely with the PushPrime discount. Make purchase of powerful WordPress website with the coupon.