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Project Panorama

Project Panorama – The Project Management Plugin

When you will run one project given by one client that can be managed very easily. You may manage two or three such tasks at the same time. But what if you have to deal with many more with many clients? That time what you can do is to choose the Project Panorama. This is a fabulous WordPress Plugin for the management of such thing. From here, purchase the wordpress project management plugin with pricing and have the Project Panorama review.

Time Saving Utility

The Project Panorama will save your time a lot. It has the cloning feature so that the new projects can be started with this very quickly. You can easily setup the templates and start your desired mission. You don’t have to calculate the progress manually because it can do that task manually. When it will do that, it will consider every running and completed tasks. Email notification system of it will impress you a lot. When there will be any change to the progress, Project Panorama will instantly send email to the clients. This plugin is completely flexible. So you can extend its capabilities with ease. All the data will be saved to the server and those can be further used.

Mobile Friendly Reporting

As the main reason why you can use this plugin is to show the clients your working progress. To do so, you can use the screenshot or create the report pages with it. Considerable thing is it can make those perfectly responsive. That means your clients will face no problem to see those from their computers or mobile devices. Impressive file management is another good feature of the Project Panorama. To keep all the necessary files in one place, this feature is very much important. Suppose multiple projects are running in parallel. So it will be very much important to watch the leaderboard. This plugin can be used for doing so. You will be allowed to use your own logo with the reporting. Various color schemes can also be used finely.

Pricing of This Plugin and Pricing

Price of the Individual License of this tool is available for $58 only. This product is full of all the features that have been discussed above. But you can only choose this if you want to use it only on one WordPress site. For using the Project Panorama for unlimited sites, you have to purchase the Professional License. It can be purchased for only $78 according the time when this post was written. Upgrade and support facilities for both these licenses are available for 1 year. Before getting any of these, you can use the Lite Plan, which is completely free. The essential thing is it can also be used on unlimited sites. But it only offers the basic features.

So, Please get nicely with the Project Panorama pricing. Purchase wordPress project management plugin with the review.