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PowerAdspy Coupon

PowerAdspy Review

Poweradspy has been designed to help users in ways that can help users to get a lot of benefits. One of the main ability of this application list is that it can help users to do better Facebook campaigning for products. Facebook keeps on changing in advertisement algorithms way too many times. So in order to find hidden traffic in the social media likes of Facebook, this program can be useful. Poweradspy can help users to find the hidden target market for the business. Please buy the best facebook Ads intelligence platform with coupon and avail the PowerAdspy discount.

Features of the Program

Poweradspy offers users to filter by the segments. Users have a lot of opportunity of specific filtering by using this tool. Facebook already provides the filtering option to run ads, but this program provides more specific filters to help the users. Users can choose the segments based on the news feed and likes. Users can run multiple campaigns using this tool, then later on they can see which campaign has done a better job. For example, in campaign A users can select slide shows of product, campaign B can be about product information and product’s picture and campaign C can be about product video. So after curating the results from all these campaigns with different target audience users will be able to identify which campaign is more successful. So it will be easier to find the niche of the users so that it can make best conversion. As conversion will bring sales to the site for a long term.


Poweradspy allows the users to visit the live posts. In this way users will be able to know the opinion of the people about the campaign as well. So that users know about people’s opinion about the product. Users will be able to get the real time reaction for instance. So it can prove beneficial for the users. So when users use this application, it has a lot of benefits. It also provides the data of the advertisement of 15 different countries, it offers the better understanding about the analytics of the data.

Narrow Down Searches

Poweradspy will be narrow down so that the users can make specific searches for their benefits.  Users will be able to search the ads based on the keywords of their niches. So that users can see the performance of the ads on the niches and decide which ads will work on the niches. Users also can bookmark the ads they find best so that they can refer later.

PowerAdspy Coupon and Pricing

Poweradspy has 3 different packages to offer overall. There is a basic package priced at 49 dollars per month except the coupon. The standard package is 99 dollars and premium package is only 249 dollars per month. Both of these packages provide call to action button. The premium package provides ads insights.

Therefore, kindly purchase nicely with the PowerAdspy coupon and pick best facebook Ads intelligence platform with the discount in 2019.