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Pixel Studio FX Coupon

No matter which product you will create, it will be very important to set an attractive cover. There are various types of eCover generating tools. Pixel Studio FX is one of these tools. This solution comes with one of the easiest ways to generate any kind of eCovers.

Review of the Pixel Studio FX

Suppose, a software developer wants to launch a new software. A customer does not know anything about that software. So, why he will purchase that? Yes, he may buy that by knowing about the features of that software. But, which particular thing will attract him to read the features? That thing is the cover of that software. That means, a cover can attract anybody on a product. Similarly, an online course, eBook, and all other products require an attractive eCover. Pixel Studio FX will help you to generate such attractive covers with ease. This solution comes with a big number of features and facilities. From here, purchase the eCover creating process & photoshop solution with coupon and avail the Pixel Studio FX discount. Some of these features are as follows:

Three Easy Steps

It is believed that an eCover creating process is a difficult one. But, Pixel Studio FX has proved it wrong. It provides only three easy steps to create and use a cover. This software provides a big collection of templates. First of all, you have to select a suitable one for your product. Generally, a solution provides some templates for only a few niches. But, this one covers over 20 different niches. That means, Pixel Studio FX is for almost all types of products. After selecting a template, you have to utilize that properly. This software has the Point-and-Click technology, which is able to generate 3 thousand unique designs. And finally, it will provide you the professional eCover designs. It supports various formats like PNG, JPEG, and PDF, etc.

Pixel Studio FX

Every Important Element

A cover designing task requires several elements. For example, you may need to use some eye catching images to design an eCover. Pixel Studio FX provides more than 8 thousand stock images. Similarly, this solution has a very big collection of icons. Even, more than 180 web fonts are added to it too. Its secured web hosting facility includes 50 MB storage.

Pixel Studio FX Coupon and Reasonable Pricing

The actual price of this solution is $67 only except the coupon. A promotional campaign is going on. For this reason, you can get it by paying only $47 by using the promo code. This is a cloud based solution. That is why, you can handle this from all kinds of computers with ease. Actually, Pixel Studio FX is an enterprise software. That means, it allows to create the eCovers for your own and for the clients. There is no risk in purchasing this solution. A 30-day money back guarantee is available with it. So, you can pay without any shadow of a doubt.

Hence, kindly get nicely with the Pixel Studio FX coupon and pick eCover creating process & photoshop solution with the discount.