Picreel Discount: Grab Fascinating Coupon and Review

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Different types of popups can be used for attracting more visitors and increasing the conversion rate. Exit popup is one of those types. No coding experience is required for generating these overlay pages. Picreel will let you create and utilize those very easily.

Features and Review of Picreel

Sometimes a visitor may leave your website without watching the best offers. That means, he has an intention of purchasing something or getting some service. When such a visitor will intend to leave your site, you can bring them back by showing the best offers on exit popups. To create these effective exit popups, I am recommending Picreel. This is a cloud based application with plenty of features and facilities. Enjoy all the features of this cloud based application with the discount coupon. The Picreel coupon is going to be useful. Some top features of this solution are:

Very Easy Editors

For presenting different offers, it is very important to use suitable and effects. Picreel is helpful         for generating various types of branded offers. And for making an offer ready to present, you just have to spend 30 seconds. There will be no need to know any coding. You will be allowed to add necessary texts and even images to make an offer more attractive. Advanced analytics is another impressive feature of this conversion rate optimization tool. Every campaign will not perform equally. If you want to judge the performances of those, it will be time consuming. Picreel has a very advanced analytics program. This program is capable of finding out the most effective segments. That is why, judging the performance of every campaign will be very easy.

Advanced A/B Test

In every campaign, you will use various types of texts, images, and effects. Sometimes some of those contents may not perform well. In those cases, you can use the A/B Test program of Picreel. This solution is capable of determining the most effective contents. Hence, your website remains only with the best performing contents. If you use static content, then your website will look boring to the regular visitors. For this reason, this solution offers advanced personalization facility. You can set dynamic contents for different pop ups. And after that, different visitors will see different designs every time they visit.

Picreel Plans, Pricing and Discount

To purchase the Picreel, you can choose any license among four available options. If your target is only 1 site, then Starter License is recommended. According to 24 June 2017, cost of this license is only $19 per month without the discount. Basic License, of this product is available for only $69 per month and this one is for 2 different sites. This license supports maximum 10 thousand visitors in each month. The Monthly cost of the PicreelPlus License is only 149 USD. You can use this on 4 different sites and it supports 50 thousand monthly visitors.

Pro License of this product also supports 4 sites, but it can work with 300,000 visitors per month. All these four licenses are available with custom templates which can be used for unlimited campaigns.

In conclusion, please get this tool for increasing the conversion rate with our coupon. Hopefully, the Picreel discount will be liked by you.