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NetSanity Discount

The aspect of the internet in our life is so heavily burdened that we need to make sure the content that are accessed by our kids and adults in the family are age appropriate. In order to healthy mobile using and browsing online, users have to restrict the use of the family. Netsanity helps the users to provide that restriction.

Age Appropriate Knowledge and Review of Netsanity

It is important to understand that the content that the kids are exposed should be age appropriate. It plays a very vast role in online. Age appropriate content needs to be valued and appreciated. Kids does not require to be exposed to certain content before their appropriate age. For example, the content that exposes a biological body function or violence can be age inappropriate for the kids.

This program provides the users 20 different integration tools to develop parental control over the kids. In that way, users will be able to restrict the internet use of kids and monitor their use. This program can work for Apple and Samsung. Users can block up to 70 sites with this application. Netsanity provides the users control that downloads by kids from app store or even apple store. Therefore, please buy the powerful mobile parental & monitoring controls contents with discount and avail the NetSanity coupon.


Time Blocker

Netsanity can block the use of online application based on the time blocker. Time blocker works in sync for the users to block any inappropriate use of the mobile phone for a long time. When kids use mobile phone hours after hours, they will get addicted to it. The addiction will deprive the kids from physical fun activities, restricting their body to grow. Therefore time blocker will ensure that the kids use the mobile application for only a certain amount of times.

Game blocker

Game blocker provides the chance for the parents to block the game within one click. Playing one game for a very long time can make the kids addicted to the game. It can affect the brains and restrict the brain to grow. It can block also certain contents up to 30 categories. This program can block the hate speech, advertisement or even over eighteen age advisable contents. Users can manage these things from their dashboard, it is easy to do that with this application. This is very simple to manage the content and update it from the dashboard and disable whenever it is necessary. This is all possible by Netsanity. Users also can enable the games whenever they want. The tool has both types of controls

NetSanity Discount and Pricing

Netsanity has 2 different prices based on devices. For one single device the price is only 59.95 dollars per year. For 2 devices, the users need to pay 99.95 dollars per year without the discount. If users want to block more than that, users need to contact the company. The 2 devices package is on discount now.

In such way, please get nicely with the NetSanity discount. Make purchase of powerful mobile parental & monitoring controls contents with the coupon.