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My Hosting

Overview of the My Hosting

Hosting solutions are very important for many reasons. Depending on the necessity, you have to choose the exact type of hosting with suitable package. Though so many companies offer the hosting solutions of different types, you can rely on the plans of My Hosting Company. Friendly packages and powerful features have made the hosting solutions of this company so popular. Specially, you can choose My Hosting for the small business websites though this company offers hosting solutions for emails and personal websites also. So, purchase the best web hosting automation software with pricing and avail the My Hosting.

Exclusive Web Hosting Solutions

For every type of website, the web hosting is very important. You can provide hosting for your personal websites as well as any types of ecommerce and business websites with the help of the web hosting solutions of the My Hosting Company. The Personal Website Hosting service of this company offers unlimited space and domain. You will also be allowed to transfer as many files as you want. All the features of the Personal plan are also available with the Business Website hosting plan of this company. Additionally the Business Plan offers the dedicated IP and websites of different platforms like the Windows and Linux. So this plan can be very useful for your business websites. My Hosting also offers the eCommerce Website Hosting which offers many tools of the eCommerce sites and SSL keys with all the features of the Business plan.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

You may know that if anyone wants to control his allowed server with operating system, then the Virtual Private Server Hosting should be used. My Hosting Company offers the Virtual Server Hosting with many features and that is why this service is very popular. This company offers the VPS servers of both the Windows and Linux platforms. No matter which platform you choose, you will be able to get your desired package with necessary RAM, disk space and bandwidth. cPanel with these servers are very friendly.

Email Hosting of This Company

Very few hosting providing companies provide the email hosting solutions and the My Hosting is one of those companies. This company offers three different packages for the email hosting such as the Basic, Email, Mobile Email and Mobile Email + Outlook. All these packages offer some common features which will help you for reclaiming the emails as well as contacts. My Hosting will keep your email inboxes free from all types of viruses and spams. You can access your email inbox by different ways and that is why My Hosting will provide high class security to the email inboxes. Email archiving can be done with the help of the Email Hosting solutions of the My Hosting Company. The control panel of the Email Hosting is completely web based. So you will be able to control everything very easily.

Therefore, please buy nicely with the My Hosting pricing. Make purchase of best web hosting automation software with the review.