MoneyRobot Discount: Avail Excellent Coupon and Pricing in 2019

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Avail MoneyRobot discount as special $10 for monthly and $30 for lifetime cashback. Following picture of MR illustrates this cashback coupon.

MoneyRobot Discount

Review of MoneyRobot

By delivering their powerful tool, MoneyRobot helps users with link building and with SEO tasks. Skeptical and hesitant users are free to test the capabilities of this application for 7-days without providing credit card info. Users that’re suitable for working with this software are: Owners of websites, SEO companies, Large Corporations, and Media Companies. For reaching the top ranks when owning a site, regardless of the niche, users can expect complete improvement with MoneyRobot. To distribute and publicize blog contents, and to boost client’s website, this software is perfect. A video containing all the detailed insights and explanation is presented in the software’s website for clearing any confusions. From here, purchase the most powerful SEO automation tool with discount and get the MoneyRobot coupon.

SEO Solution, High Speed, Smart Submission

The process to link building is tough as greater energy is needed for account creation, and timely submission of contents. But with MoneyRobot, the easiest work would be the submission of link, which’ll be an automated process. The interface is comfortable for everyone to use where campaign creation for SEO link-building wouldn’t feel like a hassle. Before, making ten submissions was a great deal, but now, with high-speed multithreading, it’ll feel like there’s hundreds employees. Without requiring any assistance from a human, the system will auto-create account, auto-start process, and also, auto-activate the email. Combining the high-speed and smart submission, the work load will slowly shift towards the machine rather than the users.


Artificial Intelligence, Article Refurbishing

MoneyRobot’s has strong artificial intelligence technology that mimics users’ internet browsing activity, and can bypass all detection mechanisms for bots. For specific topics or subjects, there’re many articles being written daily, and for this, the chances of plagiarism increases simultaneously. Being caught in plagiarism is harmful, especially if the users’ main goal is maintaining high SEO rank. To avoid facing penalties for such cases, a rewriter, also known as spinner, is built-in provided. Once users have written an article, no more writing is required as the spinner will give hundred different versions. Ability to check and monitor link live is now possible with the backlink monitor tool. Apart from managing and tracking all live links, users can do the same for anchor texts, and other backlink information.

MoneyRobot Discount and Price Plans, Captcha Solving

MoneyRobot’s monthly membership plan requires monthly fees of $67, and permanent license plan has one-time $497 without the discount. The price is reasonable considering users will get access to MoneyRobot’s customer services where direct communication through Skype is provided. With the 7-day trial, as mentioned above, there’s additional one week given for refund if performance feels poor. Finally, the software can solve complicated captcha problems for free, such as: text based captcha, photo matching captcha, calculation etc.

Hence, please gain nicely with the MoneyRobot discount. Make purchase of most powerful SEO automation tool with the coupon.