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Microsite Masters

Search engine optimization is has become a bit difficult nowadays. You have to monitor every part of it very carefully. Microsite Masters is a helping tool for any SEO campaign. It can efficiently track the ranks of every keyword for any campaign.

Microsite Masters Review and Features

Keyword and website ranking tools are of different types. But some of these tools do not provide reliable data. For this reason, an SEO professional cannot take necessary decisions for promoting his campaigns. Microsite Masters comes with some important and reliable features. For this reason, we can recommend this tool to all kinds of SEO professionals. Get hold of all the cool features of MM with our discount. The Microsite Masters coupon is really going to be useful. Some of the main features of this product are as follows:

Daily Rank Tracking

Some tools are there to work with only one or two search engines. But the Microsite Masters is capable of dealing with several search engines. That is why, it will provide some very reliable rank tracking data for every SEO campaign. So, you don’t have to do any guesswork anymore. Some smart decisions can be made by using these data. Another important thing is, this solution can bring these data on a daily basis. For a single keyword, it is not enough to detect the ranking for own website. You have to compare the found data with these of other websites. Microsite Masters will find out these data for other sites. Then it will present these data along with your site data graphically. Hence, it will be very easy to detect the progress of your SEO campaign.

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Rankings & Results

Most of the SEO professionals only focus on ranking data which is very important. But, some results should also be monitored. Some ranking data can make a big impact on traffic as well as revenue. Microsite Masters will bring these results data for you also. Hence, you will be able to understand the exact scenario and profitability of any campaign. As this solution provides some exact data, there will be no problem to share this data. Everyone will see the exact movement of your SERP.

Microsite Masters Pricing Plans and Discount

Mom’s Basement is one of the paid plans of this product. It can be purchased by only $19.95 per month and is capable of dealing with only 150 keywords. It supports only one user account. Affiliate License of this product is available for only $49.95/month without the discount. This one is capable of handling two user accounts and 650 keywords. Agency and Agency Plans are capable of working with unlimited user accounts. Agency Plan can be purchased by only 149.95 USD per month and it supports 2500 keywords. The monthly price of Agency Elite plan is only 299.95 USD as per 29 July 2017. This product can find out the rank data for 5 thousand keywords. Microsite Masters also has a Custom Plan with flexible pricing options.

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