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Maps Marker and the overview

The earth is round. It is unique in its shape. It is one and only planet in the whole universe where life is found. The tool has also its own image or picture. Technology is such thing which can make possible anything. By using technology, we can find any extraordinary matter such as the real picture or shape of our beloved earth. Generally, drawing the shape and picture of the earth is called mapping. Now, map is the result of the process of mapping. It is a symbolic description of the country or area of the earth. So, it can be said that the map is a geographical representation of the earth’s surface.

On the other hand, marker is anything by which position of places or areas are indicated. This is used in any map for identifying the location. Maps marker is used for that reason. It is one kind of software used in this modern age. Maps Marker is used to allow the organization of the places which are favorites to the users. So, please buy the mapping solution for wordpress with discount and get the Maps Marker coupon.

The main characteristics of Maps Marker

Maps Marker is a system of computer windows which helps the users in completing their work easily. Places can be pinned and shared by it from the large map. WordPress based web sites are included in its area. These are tracked easily by this program. This is the best program for the mapping which wants to plugin the WordPress websites. It is plugin system of mapping which is fully professional. The maps for marking are taken from Google maps, Bing maps, Google earth etc. Augmented-reality browsers are used as a function which helps to display the spots. Size and base map can be chosen by this program.

Maps Marker discount

The main features of Maps Marker

Techniques- MM has some technical sides for map marking. It can do the responsive design of maps. That is compatible for WordPress based websites. Retina displays of maps are supported by it. SQL systems are prepared by using it for mapping. It has also the function of updating the marking of maps. It can store the maps. For this, WordPress setting API system is used.

Supporting- Google maps, Google earth etc. are supported by this system. Places are directed by using these maps in the Maps Marker. Maps are organized in different layers by this program. Markers are exported by this such as GeoRSS, KML file, ARML, GeoJSON, etc. forms. Custom marker timestamps are also supported by it. Localization of Google maps is supported by this program.

Others- It has the function of giving backup. It can restore the mapping. It has many options which are used to change shortcode, reset default setting, set the roles of WordPress etc.

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