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MapifyPro Pricing

MapifyPro and the review under this

In our modern time, we are totally dependent on the online system. Without the helpful support of the online system, we are unable to manage the web based activities in our practical days. Under the web section, a lot of terms are available. Among of these terms, WordPress is a concerning one. In the WordPress based site, we can use various types of tools and the programs for getting various types of solutions. To assure the store locating system under any WordPress site, the users can rely on MapifyPro. This offers the flexible way to control over the Google maps under the corresponding sites. From here, purchase the best store locator WordPress plugin with pricing and avail the MapifyPro.

Main tasks performed by MapifyPro

To control the location system for any store, this solution is very supportive. Under this, all the needed templates and the functions are available. Through this, the users will get the term of controlling the Google Maps by adding the needed features that are reliable to unlock the maps. By depending on this, the users will observe the task to craft a huge collection in the information section.


The features offered by this solution

Customize Google map: One of the best features of MapifyPro is the Google map customization system under any site. The visual styling section can be controlled through this solution in an easy manner. Sometimes, the users need to add any image file to preview the location system for any store. By depending on the image integration process, the users can obtain the term of viewing any location in a flexible way. To create the unlimited maps for your site, it offers all the helpful tools with the needed conditions. Each map can be managed with the specific style, location system and the behaviors. All the maps are stored in the library section with the proper placement.

Other facilities: Responsive system is an extra facility under MapifyPro. All the elements of MapifyPro are designed with the responsive system. Due to this facility, the users can view the contents from any device quite simply. After that, the filtering system can also be offered here. To maintain the category system of the available maps, it offers the needed activities with the grouping method. The needed photos and the videos can be added under any location through this tool. Moreover, the social media sharing process is also available under this.

The packages issued by MapifyPro

MapifyPro offers two packages and these packages are: MapifyPro basic version and MapifyPro Plus. For the Basic version, the users need to pay $16. For the package of MapifyPro Plus, you will have to pay $49. In this version, all the facilities are offered with unlimited systems and the conditions.

Therefore, please buy nicely with the MapifyPro pricing. Get best store locator WordPress plugin with the review.