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Avail MageWorld pricing when purchasing MageWorld.

MageWorld Pricing

MageWorld and Its Overview

In the web industry, a lot of platforms are available to maintain the user friendly activities. Among all of these platforms, Magento is a dependable one as it offers the way to use various types of extensions for various purposes. For the Magento based sites, MageWorld is a popular name of the users as it issues many types of extensions for the Magento sector. All the extensions are developed from MageWorld with effective performance and activities. From here, purchase the premium magento extensions with pricing and get the MageWorld.

The available extensions issued by MageWorld

Affiliate Pro: To grow up the affiliate networking section with full performance, this extension is very powerful. Through the support of this extension, you will be able to engage the affiliates to promote the business profit. This extension is developed with the multi level marketing issue, maximum commission managing process, and sign up process for the affiliates and manage the new accounts condition.

Follow Up Email Pro: To improve the customer relationship and the conversion rate, this extension is very helpful to the users. Through this, you will be able to send up the follow up emails in an automatic process. Besides, it also assures the way to boost up the sales from the ecommerce site. To reduce the abandoned cart rating system through the sending process of follow up email, you can simply ensure the positive impact in the online store.

Magento Ajax cart Pro: To increase the conversion rates in a short time and in a quick process, this extension is offered by MageWorld. Through this extension, you will be able to allow the customers to add the multiple products to the corresponding cart in a quick process. Besides, it is also supportive almost for all category based products.


Store Credit pro: To give the credit to the customers, this extension can be applied. The credit earning process can be managed by depending on purchase condition. Besides, the credits can be sent to the friends with the allowed function of this extension.

Help Desk Pro: To help the customers from your online store with the full information, this extension is very helpful for the Magento site owners. It issues the way to maintain the professional level ticket managing process for the users and the customers. Besides, the ticket submission process can be handled easily.

The pricing condition

To purchase Store Credit Pro, you need to pay only $95. For Magento Help Desk, only $189 is needed at purchase condition. Ajax Cart extension is available with the price of $78. To get the Follow up Email, users have to pay only $99. By providing $197, Affiliate Extension can be purchased. Moreover, Free Gift Extension is available with the price of $167.

Therefore, please buy nicely with the MageWorld pricing. Pick premium magento extensions with the review.