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Operating System of a computer requires constant maintenance like cleaning up unnecessary system files, clearing internet cache and logs, etc. Otherwise the system encounters slow speed, sudden crashes and a lot of other difficulties. The manual cleaning process is effective but it requires a lot of efforts and consumes precious time of users. A third party Optimization utility comes in very handy to assist users maintain a tuned up system without any major effort. Although Mac is considered as one of the fastest operating system, but old Junk files and unnecessary processes can cause noticeable speed loss of the system. Accordingly, get the clean mac malware & speed up solution with pricing and avail the MacBooster review.

MacBooster is a popular system optimization tool for Mac users, which includes multiple useful features to boost-up system speed. The application runs only on Mac OSX. The use of Macbooster ensures faster performance and smooth running of applications.


The application has a typical OSX interface which makes it easy to use. Someone with basic knowledge of computing can easily operate the features of MacBooster. It’s not only a powerful optimization tool, it also has security features and other useful features to ensure maximum performance of Mac based computer.

Most of the Mac system runs on a Solid State Drive, which has limited hard drive space. Unnecessary files consuming large portions of drive space can cause space shortage for regular operations. Macbooster clears out unwanted and duplicated files to free up hard drive space.

It works as an internet security tool which protects the system from security and privacy related threats. The up-to date security feature of Macbooster makes it an effective alternative for regular internet security software. It keeps the personal data like login information of the users safe from hackers and phishing websites.

Regular uninstallation process of some program can be tricky and time consuming. It has a powerful uninstaller tool for hustle-free removal of any unwanted program. While regular uninstallation leaves behind unnecessary files and registry entries Macbooster can fully uninstall a program as it was never there.

It significantly increases system speed by freeing up RAM. Multitasking and heavy usage can cause slow down and unresponsiveness of the system. Macbooster clears up RAM by stopping unnecessary processes and ensures a fast and smooth multi-tasking experience. It can also re-organize start-up items resulting faster start-up of Mac OS X.


MacBooster helps the user to gain better control over his computer. All the application of Mac system can be managed by this great tool. It can prevent unnoticed installation of any unwanted application. The multiple features of this application can be performed with just a few clicks. It is a very simplified app which helps the user to tune up his system as he wishes and gain the maximum performance out of his computer.

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