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LiveCaster coupon

Conventional ways of grabbing attention from audiences are not working that much anymore. Now it is the time of Facebook Live. You can go live and deal directly with huge number of fans and visitors. To help you for doing so, LiveCaster is there. This amazing solution is the first choice of many marketers.

A Short Review of the LiveCaster

Getting traffic is not that much easy as it was before. That is why researchers have invented so many new techniques. Use the power of Facebook live is one of those techniques. Facebook has offered this facility to go live to reach the friends very quickly. But marketers are using this platform for drawing attention of audiences and potential customers. At the same time, it is also helpful for increasing the fan and visitor numbers. LiveCaster is a desktop application which will let you go live on Facebook and cast videos on YouTube. Enjoy all the LC functionalities with our coupon. The LiveCaster discount is going to be helpful while making the purchase. Main features of this app are as follows:

Very Easy to Use

One of the main features of LiveCaster is it does not depend on other apps. That means, it can work independently. And there is no difficulty to use this solution. It offers only a few easy steps to follow and cast the videos. There are some other tools which can cast single video at a time. But this desktop app can cast multiple videos simultaneously. That is why, it is possible to deal with a huge number of audiences and fans very quickly. Organic behavior is another huge advantage of LiveCaster. This software will cast everything from your IP without taking help from an external server. That is why, there will be no chance of getting banned.

Special Pricing Facility and Coupon of LC

Special price has been set for this solution for a limited time. As per 10 May 2017, cost of this desktop video casting app is only 9.95 USD per month excluding the coupon. By purchasing this license, you can handle more 3 different YouTube channels at a time. Similarly, it can also deal with 5 different Facebook pages or groups. 2 videos can be casted by this product at a time. You can handle LiveCast by following only few steps. In the first step, you have to connect this app with Facebook pages and YouTube. After that you have to select videos from the hard disk. And finally, schedules should be made for going live.

LiveCaster coupon

Pre-recorded Video Support

It is believed that only real time videos can be shown on Facebook. LiveCaster has proved this wrong. This product is capable of casting pre-recorded videos, presentations, and VSL very efficiently. As it can deal with a huge number of contents, it can enrich your YouTube channels very nicely. By drawing many visitors, it can increase the ranking of those YouTube videos. LiveCaster is capable of working with many video formats. It can convert those and then stream with ease.

In conclusion, get of the livecasting software that is designed for Facebook as well as YouTube with our discount. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with our LiveCaster coupon.