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List Janitor discount

Generating an emailing list is very important for different kinds of online campaigns. But making that a profitable one is even more important. In doing so, you will need an email list cleaning and management solution. Among several tools, List Janitor is a strongly recommended solution for this task.

Features and Review of List Janitor

Because of low quality list, the entire email marketing campaign cannot get the desired result. There will be low mail delivery rate and very low inboxing rate. Even the default autoresponder can ban your account. The faulty mailing list can bring some more problems. To stay away from these problems, List Janitor can be strongly recommended. This powerful list cleaning desktop utility has become very much popular in short time. People like it due to its impressive features and affordable pricing. So, get the powerful desktop based list cleaning and management software with discount and have List Janitor coupon. Here are some main points of this product:

Complete Desktop Solution

One of the best features of the List Janitor is, it is a complete desktop software. Normally, list cleaning online solutions are very costly. But now you can clean any mailing list by using it from your desktop. This software is capable of dealing with all kinds of new and old lists with the same efficiency. Duplicate addresses are harmful for any campaign. For this reason, this tool can remove the duplicate addresses very efficiently. It can remove those from single list or multiple lists at a time. For verifying the domain validity, people use separate tools. List Janitor has built in domain validity checker. And it also has SMTP technology to deal check every email address separately.

Affordable Pricing Plans and Discount

Many people may need this software for one or two months. And some people are there to have this powerful solution for several years. If you want this product for a small period, then the Elite Monthly edition of it can be recommended. As per this post creating time, the monthly cost of this license is only $9.95. But purchasing this software for lifetime is more cost effective and hence, strongly recommended. Elite Lifetime plan of Email Janitor is available for only $33.75 without the discount. This software will offer you CSVs of the list. For this reason, you will be able to import that list to any autoresponder solution without any problem.

List Janitor discount

Effective Segmenting Facility

Sometimes, it can be necessary to make segments of huge collection of email addresses. In those cases, Email Janitor will be very effective. It can make several sub-lists from the same source. This product is helpful for importing lists into several autoresponder solutions. Some of its supported platforms are Aweber, MailChimp, and GetResponse etc. Managing a list depending on various parameters is not possible for an ordinary tool. Email Janitor is capable of doing this task very efficiently. Merging or filtering facility of this product is very impressive too. It can find out common and unique mailing addresses from several collections very quickly.

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