LetSocify Discount, Have Cool Coupon and Review

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LetSocify discount

Facebook is not just a simple social media anymore. It has become a place for promoting a business and getting more customers. Nowadays, marketing is possible through Facebook notification messaging. For doing so, you can take help from LetSocify. This app can engage the FB users more and make new customers.

Features and Review of LetSocify

There are many ways to get a huge number of leads and communicate with them. But all those are not equally efficient. Facebook notification messaging system is comparatively new and effective way of doing so. But unfortunately, there are only a few software which can do this task. LetSocify is one of the bests among those. This software is not only for the experienced persons, but also for newbies. Some amazing features and facilities are offered by this tool. Some of those are:

Very Easy to Use

One of the most important features of the LetSocify is it can be used by anyone. Only a few steps are required to be completed to start using this. First of all, you have to copy and paste a single line of code on the target website. After that, it will ask for the auto-response messages which will be sent to the targeted audiences. Those should be set with necessary redirect URL. And after that, this solution will broadcast those messages to Facebook for increasing profit. LetSocify is capable of targeting website visitors for sending FB notification messages. Whenever any user visit your website, it will offer them call to action button. But clicking there he can share his FB profile info and email address. And then this software will automatically send them necessary notifications.

Create Personalized Messages

LetSocify will never send only premade messages. It will allow you to write any message that is needed to be sent. Even it allows to add user’s name and personalized message. Very impressive scheduling facility is offered by this solution too. That means, it can send notifications only on right time. As the visitors of your website will provide their information, it is important to choose suitable opt-in for them. LetSocify will let you choose the best one for your website.

LetSocify discount

Plans, Pricing and Discount of LS

So many plans are offered for this solution. Basic Plan is for dealing with maximum 2.5 thousand subscribers. The monthly cost of this license is only $27 as per this post writing time. Standard license can be enjoyed by paying only $39 per month excluding the discount. And it can target maximum 5 thousand subscribers. Premium Plan is for 10 thousand subscribers and it can be purchased by 57 USD per month. LetSocify Pro is available for 79 USD/month to deal with 25 thousand subscribers. Elite Plan is the largest one which can be enjoyed by paying only 119 USD per month. Last three licenses of this solution support unlimited number of lists and unlimited sequencing as well.

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