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LetReach discount

LetReach is a Push Notification software that lets users to re-engage with their customer like never before. Being available across all devices, like Android mobile and tablet and even desktop, it has certainly turned out to be one of the best automated messaging software. No special coding skills are required for the user and it is super easy to setup which takes only takes 3 minutes or less for it to start its operation in re-engaging with users’ customers.

LetReach Review

Having features such as Autoresponse lets users to increase their interaction with customer even more and multiply users’ response rate and conversion. LetReach is being used by well-known publishing websites such as CNN, New York Times etc. And is really popular among them as well. This only shows how good LetReach is at growing traffic and engagements for their users’ website online. Please make a purchase of LR with our discount coupon. The LetReach coupon is going to be really useful.

Features of the Program

The features that are involved in LetReach are multiple customizable opt-in which lets the user take advantage of 50% opt-in rates and helps users grow their subscriber base. Then there is the notification management feature along with notification scheduling feature. Real Time Monitor lets user oversee and keep track of their notification and monitor their analytics in real time. Advanced Segmentation is a feature letting users customize a notification and send it to their desired customer. Subscriber Insight and Filter Based Targeting makes it easier to find out what the users’ customer are interested in and helps users to deliver better notifications.

Benefits of the Application

LetReach runs and works perfectly on all websites which means it runs on both HTTP & HTTPS websites. It helps its users by saving a lot of effort and money by providing website push notification. Since now the users do not have to worry about creating an app to reach to their audiences and customers. User can send their customer offline notification which are guaranteed to reach customers’ desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

LetReach discount

Pricing and Discount of LR

There are three types of package for LetReach: Standard, Pro and Elite. The pricing for their Standard package are as follows: $15 per month for 1K subscribers, $25 per month for 2.5K subscribers, $45 per month for 5K subscribers, $70 per month for 10K subscribers, $140 per month for 25K subscribers and $230 per month for 50K subscribers. Ppricing for their Pro package are as follows: $60 per month for 5K subscribers, $100 per month for 10K subscribers, $190 per month for 25K subscribers, $280 per month for 50K subscribers excluding the discount. This pricing for their Elite package are as follows: $175 for 10K subscribers, $350 per month for 25K subscribers, $550 per month for 50K subscribers.

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