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LeadModo Discount

Review of Leadmodo

Leadmodo helps to boost the open rate of leads by a humongous amount of eighty plus percent through SaaS Technology. Leadmodo have managed to achieve this high-level open rate by using intuitive Quizzes, engaging polls and interesting surveys. Therefore, every time visitors visit users’ website, they will get to participate in one of those polls and quizzes. At the end of polls, the visitors will be asked to log in through FB-Messenger, thus, confirming an active lead. The process works in a subtle fashion which feels neither forced nor suspicious, and instead very natural. And in this way users can maximize their traffic by ten times, and increase their level of engagement and sales. Accordingly, get the highly targeted messenger quiz with discount and have the LeadModo coupon.

Building Quizzes

Leadmodo have pre-completed the difficult segments of building and configuring quizzes and surveys for visitors and customers. This leaves users with only their personalization and designing by selecting the type of templates for each question. The reason for including big template collection is because it tremendously benefits users with interacting with audiences. Onto the next part, users will deal with customizing on what they want to ask their targeted customers. Full freedom is granted for asking all sorts of questions which can have multiple different answers. To become more unique, the questions are modifiable using different font types, colors, and appropriate sizes. To further improve poll quality, additional images and scenic backgrounds are importable as well. And of course, the end step is adding the customized quizzes and surveys to users’ website.


Uniquely Beautiful

Leadmodo’s website have different variants of templates showcased with different forms of questions for interested audiences. Throughout all these templates, there’re are certain things which are very consistent which includes the uniqueness of its beauty. Questions which are related to health and food have bird’s eye-view food images as background. And questions based on science or love have sci-fi and love-based eye catching designs as background. With all these fascinating themes, users can select their desired designs for webpages too. This includes designing custom pages when visitors first enters users’ website, and then landing page design after visitors finish surveys. With each quiz, sharing options, the form to retrieve client information, and text or image-based answers can be determined.

LeadModo Discount and Price Plans

Leadmodo’s Monthly plan is $19.95 without the discount and it will charge the identical price for the following months of usage. Leadmodo’s One-Time is $29, and allows one hundred campaigns to be made as opposed to Monthly plan’s thirty campaigns. There’re three bonuses available, which’re: 6-Figure Business, Quickfire Quiz Template, and Pitch Perfect Positioning, which have a net value of $291. However, members who’ll purchase this application will become qualified to receive exclusive bonus access without extra expenses.

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