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Lead Siphon Discount

Almost every web page faces a common problem. That problem is the small conversion rate. This problem can easily be solved with Lead Siphon. It is a top call solution to ensure a big traffic siphon. That means, it is capable of turning more visitors into customers.

Features and Review of Lead Siphon

Every business may depend on some strategies. No matter what is the niche of the business, you have to deal with some common issues. Let us consider an online business. There must be a website having several pages. Each of these pages should be optimized so that there could be a big traffic. Getting a big traffic is of course very much important. But, the most important thing is to convert this traffic into a big list of customers. Generally, a webpage converts less than 3 percent of the total traffic. Lead Siphon misses less than 3 percent. That means, it is capable of converting almost all the traffic. Please, get the new breakthrough cloud based software with discount and have the Lead Siphon coupon. Let’s see some of its main features:

High Customer Engaging

We know about various tools that can engage more customers. But actually, these tools are not that much effective. On the other hand, the Lead Siphon is capable of doing so in an efficient fashion. It is able to create some high engaging content very quickly. For example, this app can generate some interactive video quizzes. Each of these quizzes will show a big conversion rate. Another important thing is, you can use every quiz to collect a big number of email addresses. These addresses can easily be used in the future projects. Lead Siphon will capture the quiz results very efficiently too. Sometimes, you may need to show the quiz results on various blogs and site builders. This app will let you do so with ease.

Lead Siphon

Lead Siphon Discount and Affordable Pricing

Some users need Lead Siphon for their personal uses. In that case, the Basic License is suitable. It is available for only $27 except the discount. This one is able to deal with 30 surveys in a month. Similarly, 30 active quizzes can also be handled by it in a month. It comes with more than one hundred HD images. Lead Siphon Premium is also a very impressive plan. This commercial license is available for only $29, as per this post creating time. You can create and run unlimited quizzes and survey with this one. It also provides an impressive image editor.

Very Easy Sharing

Just like the quizzes, surveys and CTAs can also be generated by this solution. Generating these things is not the most important task. You have to share these engaging contents on various platforms. For this reason, Lead Siphon comes provides some viral sharing buttons. This app is capable of collecting the product reviews very easily. Its commercial edition has a built in GIF maker.

In such way, kindly purchase nicely with the Lead Siphon discount and get new breakthrough cloud based software with the coupon.