KontrolPress Discount: Gain Fantastic Coupon On Price and Review

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KontrolPress Discount

Review of KontrolPress

KontrolPress prevents hackers and online thieves from gaining unauthorized access to users’ site for stealing and ruining important data. Normal security software is well-known for its ability to provide around-the-clock tough protection, but, it takes away users’ performances. And taking away performances is not acceptable, especially when a site needs to be active 24/7 to deliver continuous services. Now, this is where KontrolPress outshines other security application, as it not only protects, but, it also significantly increases speed. Other equally effective services are optimized for the protected and hack-proof website to prevent loading time from exceeding few seconds. And finally, after security and optimization, users’ traffic department are dealt with by boosting the SEO rankings for larger online-exposure. Hence, get the most responsive wordpress plugin with discount and have the KontrolPress coupon.

Easy Security

KontrolPress appreciates both beginners and veterans since its processes aren’t complicated and simultaneously experienced users won’t find it alienating. The reason KontrolPress is considered complication-free is because after installing the security plugin, everything afterwards are automatically handled. The software will automatically setup defensive hack-proof system after verifying and validating the common malware and hackers’ patterns of attack. After initial security protocols are completed, it’ll move onto other sectors for driving ranks and speed performance optimization. The level of speed boost that the users will obtain are five hundred percent faster. And the security is extremely tight because it follows the strategy of five layer security system. Now, without the risks of information thief or issues with slow performances, users can truly reach a tension-free working state.


Protection Category

KontrolPress has demonstrated on their website which showcases the functions and the ways to set security, speed, and SEO. In the Security tab, users can disable directory index pages for Apache, which prevents displaying the hints regarding login errors. Being able to view login errors or messages will indicate the hacker that at least they’re making some progress. Therefore, removing all hints will not show anything, and will cutoff hackers from gaining knowledge regarding actual causes of error. For speed, users can remove previous browser bugs, enable Gzip compression, and turn on database cleaning functions for better performance. For SEO, the cache optimizer and the optimizer for Meta description will ensure boosted rank on search engines.

KontrolPress Discount and Price Plans

KontrolPress is $18.93 excluding the discount, and it has the standard and reliable risk-free options of thirty-days run and return policy. Purchasing this software is a one time investment for all users since there’s no regular subscription or membership cost. Extra layered protection includes removing the current version numbers of WordPress, and redirecting suspicious hacker activities to an error page. The settings will remain the way it’s set and there’s no need to manually configure it for future maintenance.

In such way, please receive nicely with the KontrolPress discount and grab most responsive wordpress plugin with the coupon.