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Interact Discount

Engagement of the customer’s ins social media site is really important. Now it depends on the people how they want to engage their site with others. Customers need to stay on the site and spend the time to visit all the products. In that case, Interact helps the users to engage with customers by using quiz.

Personality Quiz

Interact can provide the users chance to do the personality quiz. These types of the quiz will help the users bring attention to the site. It can provide the users up to 200 different templates of personality quiz. As we observe in social media quiz apps does relatively fine and gets a lot of responses. People like to get the seal of acceptance from different types of apps and questionnaire. This program provides the customized questionnaires for example, what kind of entrepreneur are you?. All these questionnaires will create interest to the personal individual to try the app and take the personality test. It will help users to get the response from them and they will stay for the longest amount of time on the site. As this program has 200 templates, users can create 200 different types of series of the quiz to keep an engagement on the site. Please, get the powerful customer engagement social media site with discount and avail the Interact coupon.


Scored Quizzes

Some people like to challenge themselves by taking pop quizzes. People like to do quizzes often from a different magazine. Afterward, users can check on how they performed on the quiz. In the same way, this program provides the user real-time score of the quiz, to understand how their abilities. Users also will be able to understand the points gained by customers on the quiz. Customers, on the other hand, can check their score and check the Leaderboard to check how good they have done with the quiz by Interact.

Assessment Quiz

Interact also provides the quiz that users need to answer the multiple choice questions. Sometimes users find it easier to answer the questions when it is multiple choice. In this case, for every time customers will be able to see whether their answer is right or wrong with multiple choice questions. It provides a lot of engagement as people will try to assess their skills. Users also can add the answer key at the end of the quiz result. As a result, people will be able to understand why their answer is wrong. Making people play with quiz will help users provide the entertainment. Therefore, people will come back to the site.

Lite, Growth and Pro Packages of Interact

Interact has the vast amount offering of packages. It has a vast amount offering for the packages. It can offer the users lite package, growth package, and pro package. The lite package is only 17 dollars per month. The growth package is 53 dollars per month. The pro package is only 125 dollars per month.

In such way, please get nicely with the Interact discount. Make purchase of powerful customer engagement social media site with the coupon.