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iControlWP Review

iControlWP and the review under this

At this time, the effect of the online system can be reflected almost in every section. Without the support of the online system, we are unable to maintain all the needed tasks like the web based activities. Under the web section, WordPress platform is a concerning one sector where there is the opportunity of applying various types of software programs and the tools. For managing the WordPress sites in a flexible way, iControlWP is a helpful one. This software management tool is mainly used to organize all the WordPress sites in a quick process. To manage the WordPress sites, all the advanced level conditions are offered here. In fact; iControlWP ensures some simple conditions to minimize the using process of the plugin in any WordPress site. Accordingly, get the WordPress backup & recovery management plugin with review and avail the iControlWP.

Main functions under this solution

iControlWP offers the way to manage all the WordPress sites from a single control panel with the customization process. Besides, the up-gradation procedure is also available under this for the existing plugin, theme and other sections. After that, you can manage the update system for all the plugin at a time through the specified tool. For the Google Analytics based Tracking system, it offers a coding system. To clean up the corresponding WordPress sites, all the utility tools are provided here with the needed optimization system. Besides, the security system is also ensured under this. To install the new WordPress based websites in an automatic process, the cPanel option under this is also offered.


The features issued by iControlWP

Login system: For managing the login procedure in a flexible way, it ensures the automatic process in any WordPress site without ensuring the term of the remembering process of login details. Besides, it is also capable of collecting the data of the visitors. After that, you can also view them directly from the control panel section.

Security section: For the security section, this tool is very supportive. For managing the password protection system and the database section, it offers all the needed functions. The database section is an essential part of any website and it is secured through the support of this tool in a user friendly way.

Optimization system: This section can be considered under the utility section. The proper balance of any site depends on the utility sector. To enable this section, the optimization system can be managed when the cleaning procedure is performed.

Backup: The backup system is very essential. By the touch of iControlWP, you can assure the backup procedure of the needed data with the password protection mood.

Pricing condition

For getting this tool for a single website, the users need to pay only $0.95. But the users have to purchase this license by using at least 5 websites.

In such way, please get nicely with the iControlWP review. Make purchase of WordPress backup & recovery management plugin with the pricing.