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Graphic Mail Review

GraphicMail and the review under this

In the web section, the ecommerce section is also getting popular. In the ecommerce section, many factors are needed to activate. Among of these factors, email marketing is a needed one part. To manage all the corresponding tasks in the email marketing section, we need to rely on GraphicMail. This email marketing solution affords the way to manage all the corresponding tasks in making the balanced relationship between the clients and the customers. To share all the needed information with the customers, all the needed tasks are provided through this email marketing solution. Hence, buy the cloud based email marketing social media sharing & text messaging application with review and avail the GraphicMail.

The sequential steps offered by GraphicMail

Email creating system: The perfect email message creating system is an essential issue under this platform. Here, you will get the needed supports to turn out the emails to build up a relationship among the customers and the clients. The email marketing system offered by this program can be observed almost from all devices like tablet PC, mobile phone section and any computer.

Social sharing system: The social sharing system is offered by GraphicMail with the best activities. In fact; it offers the needed advantages to make the combination between the social media and the email creating tools. Due to this facility, a lot of traffic can be engaged on the corresponding site. Besides, the best profit can also be managed due to this condition. It affords the sharing system in Facebook, Google+, Twitter and in other sections.

Graphic Mail

The features assured by GraphicMail

Email delivery system: This program holds the bulk email message sending process. Due to this condition, a lot of email messages can be sent to the customers through the automatic process. The auto responder system can be activated here. The timing format can be customized with the user’s choice. Through this facility, the needed email message can be sent to the desired customers in the specific timing format.

Reporting system: The reporting system is an essential issue under GraphicMail. This system manages the way to report on the email message viewer and the related information. This system can be integrated with the notification system. By applying the supportive notification system, you can manage the reporting process with the user friendly way. Besides, in this case, the graphical view can also be used.

The available packages with the pricing

To send out 2,000 emails, $9.95 is needed here. In sending out 10,000 emails, $29.95 is needed. In the case of sending 100,000 emails, the users will have to pay $229.95. After that, the subscriber based plans will be appeared. Here, $25 is needed for 2,000 subscribers. In the case of 100,000 subscribers, almost $520 is needed. So, by depending on your need, you can pick up the best plan.

Therefore, please get nicely with the GraphicMail review. Pick cloud based email marketing social media sharing & text messaging application with the pricing.