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GearHost Coupon

Review of GearHost

Coding online for faster deployment of websites is currently the most effective tactic available, hence, GearHost have provided cloud hosting. Signup for GearHost is free, and creating an account by entering the email and password is enough to start working. With such fantastic services, there’re currently seventy five thousand and five hundred plus applications being hosted on this software’s cloud. CEO of this web service is Ryan Kekos, and the team is determined to simplify the infrastructure of the web. Therefore, communication with the team is open for users where contact through email, and tickets for assistance are available. Online platforms are bound to face abuse or security issues at least once when operating. Thus, report system is installed, and a strict security countermeasure is included to neutralize any issues. Hence, please buy the excellent cloud hosting platform with discount and the GearHost coupon.

In-Depth Documentation

GearHost’s Documentation category contains nine different sections, each aiming and explaining different areas related to the software and online-technical work. In the Getting Started section, instructions for properly signing up and verifying information sequentially are explained. In CloudSite section, users who might get confused are shown the steps for successfully building and managing CloudSite. Information for the application’s support policy like the scope, supporting channels, proactive monitoring etc. are also discussed in greater details. Setting and creating database is not easy, especially for new users, hence, tutorial documentation for database is provided. There’re many ways to publish users’ application as publishing can be done via Visual Studios, FTP, and even Git. Any trouble publishing with either VS, FTP or Git are guaranteed to be solved through their publishing docs.


Different Languages, Clean Control Panel, Authentication

GearHost is flexible with all languages and databases such as .NET Core, Classic ASP, Node.js, and PHP. For databases, there’s support for Microsoft’s 2016 SQL version, and MySQL 5 in a closed together environment. A friendly and clean control panel is presented for easy apps management where creating, deploying and scaling are one-click away. The risk of getting hacked or login information stolen is always a possibility, and for this, two-factor authentication is added. Every time users logs in, they’ll have to provide authentication from their smartphones, thus, verifying that it’s the real user. System failure has less than 0.001% chance, and users can expect everything to always run as there’s 99.999% uptime.

GearHost Coupon and Price Plans

A simple free signup for GearHost provides one hundred CloudSites and databases without ever charging. But for extra services or better storage, GearHost has separate plans available. Under Reserved package, Small, Medium, and Large plans are $25, $50, and $100 respectively excluding the coupon. Finally the plan called Hobby is their minimum paid service which is $5. From Hobby to Large plan, the CPU provided are 1 to 4 with application pool of 1GB to 6GB.

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