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Different types of WP plugins are out there. Some of these tools are very much essential. FooPlugins provides only a few tools. But each of these products is very important for managing the media files of any WordPress site.

Features and Review of FooPlugins

An ordinary website cannot attract a huge number of visitors. And the engagements by these sites are even poorer. For solving this problem, you have to make your site a professional one. There must be some exclusive videos, images, and social media integrations. For offering all these features, it is very important to use some media and management plugins. FooPlugins comes with these necessary tools. Though the number of products of this company is very small, each of these are very reliable. Enjoy all the FP features with our discount. Simply abide by the image steps and receive the FooPlugins coupon.

FooPlugins Discount

Navigation Menu Plugin

Among all the products of FooPlugins, FooNav is a very popular one. This essential tool will let you add some responsive menus on any page of a website. Even it can create navigation menu for every post on a page. Normally, a web page has some long form contents. But a visitor may not like to go through all these. They may like to read a particular part of a website. FooNav will let them go these particular portions very quickly. It will let you generate the menus very easily. FooPlugins has also added the automation feature in this tool. For this reason, it can automatically create some necessary menus by going through an entire page. Similarly, it supports various designs and visibility options.

Video Gallery Plugin

FooGallery is a popular plugin, which can add an attractive gallery to any website. With this tool, you can integrate FooVideo, which is a powerful video gallery creating solution. It will add a very powerful search button on your website. From this button, a visitor will be allowed to watch some YouTube and Vimeo videos. In a same gallery, this tool is capable of showing some matched videos as well as images.

Some other popular products of FooPlugins are BrandBar, FooBar Pro, and SocialWiggle Pro.

FP Discount and Pricing Options

For every paid product, FooPlugins provides some impressive plans. The Personal License of FooNav can be purchased by paying only $9 excluding the discount. It can used on only one site. Multi License of this product is available for only $19 and it supports 5 different sites. If you want to use this plugin on unlimited sites, then the Business Plan should be purchased. It is available for only 29 USD as per August 28, 2017. Similarly, FooVideo is also available with three different plans. Personal License of this plugin is available for 29 USD only. To purchase the Multi License and Business License, you have to pay 59 USD and 99 USD respectively. To each of these licenses, FooPlugins has added one year upgrades and update facilities. After that, you have to renew the license.

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